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Item #: SCP-765

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-765 is to be contained within a Type-3 Containment Cell at Site-34. The cell is to be furnished with the materials for a standard humanoid containment. A standard feeding schedule is to be provided to SCP-765's cell.

SCP-765 is kept in a standard humanoid containment unit at Site-34.

Samples of SCP-765's skin are to be taken from the arm of SCP-765's cell.

Description: SCP-765 is a female humanoid of at least 20 years of age, of a European appearance and of African descent. SCP-765 is dressed in an orange jumpsuit with a flag of various nations sewn onto each sleeve. The standard configuration of the cap affords enough protection to allow contact with said skin.

SCP-765 has a personality that is able to speak English and understand written language. SCP-765 is also able to understand and write Latin as well. SCP-765 has also proven able to speak English as well.

SCP-765 will attempt to communicate with its cell, in English, in exchange of food and beverages and knowledge of various humanoid anomalies.

SCP-765 will occasionally occasionally attempt contact with humans as well. SCP-765 will never attempt contact with humans, as it will only communicate in Latin. An ongoing calculation and evaluation has shown that the probability of an interaction between a living organism and a living entity is 23% and 13% respectively.

The Foundation is currently attempting to locate the cell that SCP-765 is currently in after multiple attempts to track it. All attempts to locate the cell have been unsuccessful.

Addendum: SCP-765's cell is currently in Foundation custody. Attempts to locate and contact the cell are ongoing.

Addendum: SCP-765 has not been seen interacting with other humans since its containment. Attempts to interact with other humans are ongoing.


1. Available in all languages, in addition to English.

2. In addition to understanding Latin

4. CIA officer and linguist Dr. Tom Mevus visited SCP-765 in the cell of SCP-765 on 12/07/2016. The nature of SCP-765's anomalous properties is not yet understood, but it is believed to be related to its ability to understand Latin speech as well as to the ability to write Latin.

5. The anomaly appears to be related to the anomaly's ability to perceive and understand spoken Latin as well as to its ability to write Latin

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