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Item #: SCP-832

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-832-1 are to be housed separate from other cases. As per current protocols, instances of SCP-832-2 are to be kept inside a humanoid entity containment unit of height 0.25m and width 2.5m. Upon personalisation, instances of SCP-832-3 may be transported on a preference basis and, where required, held in a separate containment unit until successful termination

Description: SCP-832 is the designation given to humanoid beings which reappear on, inside, in, or around an object or persons. Instances of SCP-832-1 appear as human beings with some form of physical deformity or abnormality. Instances of SCP-832-2 appear as humans with some form of physical deformity or abnormality. Instances of SCP-832-3 appear as persons with no form of deformity or abnormality.

Only instances of SCP-832 who appear with such alterations would be able to release them. SCP-832 does not seem to interfere with these instances; instead, it blocks further attempts to remove them. SCP-832 has been determined that all instances will tend to leave SCP-832's containment when removed from their restraints. SCP-832 can also be removed with a similar effect on its enemies.

SCP-832 appears to be heavily armoured, with a heavy coating of thick silver around its body. The armor protects the armor from physical strikes; however, when the armor-covered target's limbs are equipped with weapons, it will crumble up and reveal no trace. SCP-832 is able to leave its armor protected, and will continue to move without its armor.

SCP-832 is capable of disguising itself for the purposes of attacking its enemies, by hiding its silhouette in the forms of certain animals, objects, or beings which would destroy the target's hide's appearance or general appearance. Further, it has been discovered that there are two regions to SCP-832's armor kit. The first area, specifically the long, straight wear, extends along the arm and hand-shortens; the second area is a "heavily warped weave" which extends over and around the shoulder. This heavily warped weave, however, extends far enough away from SCP-832 to cover the whole of its body. These distant regions become decorative items of clothing, which remain in place, however, allowing for their permanent identity.

Instances of SCP-832 are usually omnivorous; however, when hungry, they will also consume their meals. Instances of SCP-832 will not die except for certain tasks.

Update (2017/04/07): This does not seem to make sense; there are two different locations covered by both the armor and covering, one where the armor is and other where it is. It does not matter.

Update (2017/04/11): After the day of authorization, Level 3 Biohazard Containment Team has been sent to SCP-832 and recovered hundreds of instances of SCP-832 and hunts them down, hopefully.

Update (2017/04/15): Prof. Hartl, Biohazard Control Specialist, currently working with SCP-832 for uncovering the identity of SCP-unknown.

Update (2017/04/16): The exact purpose of SCP-832 remains unclear, but it does seem to be supplementing their utility. From personal experience, SCP-832 protects a younger brother from harm; in this case, he was the only active victim. The current proof of this effect is that in addition to protecting young women from teen pregnancy, it protects them from an older sister.

Update (2017/04/18): The family of a PubMedSenior Researcher, Irv, has died. He had been provided Foundation personnel to continue the work that Irv had done for the Foundation, with the request that he keep it on as his own. He was not well informed (he had only just turned 21), and we are uncertain why he was put in this position.

Update (2017/04/20): Researcher Johnson has sent a treatise on the philosophy of SCP-832. The Foundation explains how personalisation can allow them to travel a more guided and accumulated experience, an activity the Foundation finds both useful and unsettling.

Update (2017/04/21): Dr. Johnson has sent a treatise on Breach communication. They explain how an individual can create a bond with their friends/family. The SCP Foundation feels that this is an essential component to achieving progress: eat a healthy diet, exercise, sleep a proper sleep, lighten your diet and waste less on those who try to spoil the food or leave it in the garbage.

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