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Item #: SCP-835

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-835 exist on display in the Musée d'Histoire at Site-42. Investigation of anomalous graphics displayed on a monitor is ongoing.

All known instances of SCP-835 are under high security lock and key at this time. All records related to their first SCP-835 exposure, and the purpose of detailed management and restoration funds finepay off calls to Site-42.

Until proper documentation can be developed, Foundation personnel are to monitor anime and other media related videos for SCP-835 sightings. Communication with SCP-835 is not permitted, as well as any forms of scientific endeavor. The method of discovery can only be through the completion of scientific studies to confirm or deny the existence of SCP-835-2. Scientific documentation regarding SCP-835-2 instance is to be directed to the current SCP-835 containment director.

Since all documented SCP-835 instances cannot be terminated, containment of SCP-835-2 is preferable.

If, however, appropriate notification to SCP-835 is not possible, and spread of SCP-835-2 is prevented and/or verified, protective measures are to be maintained at all costs until this reality and/or human condition can be remediated. This includes, but is not to be limited to, legislation and administrative compliance.

Description: SCP-835 is a phenomenon affecting anime and other media related to a language known as Japanese. As of the second SCP-835 event, no SCP-835 instances have been detected or observed in the prefecture known as Kyushu Island, Japan. The main phenomenon is the simultaneous and universal capture of SCP-835-1 instances as relatively large ball-shaped entities, kept completely isolated from humans. However, the capture and replacement of SCP-835-1 instances with other SCP-835 instances occurs at a certain random, and dungeons and other space-camps frequently contain both SCP-835-1 and SCP-835-2 instances, which are apparently random and frequently previous instances of SCP-835.

SCP-835-1 instances are typically humanoid in appearance, and non-anomalous. They appear to be, without exception, human. They cannot or do not interact with us, nor do we perceive them to interact. SCP-835-1 instances use phrases such as "SCP-835-2" and "SCP-835-1". Various fractures and minor damage have been sustained on SCP-835-1 instances that were live, presumably over time. While SCP-835-1 instances point at the viewer with near complete certainty, they do not seem to appear unnaturally bent or lifeless. As long as the viewer is watching SCP-835-1 instances, they will visibly perspire. Their eyes appear slightly flattened, and their jaws are open. However, no other parts of their bodies have been exposed to SCP-835-1 instances, including torso or resulting layers of flesh.

SCP-835 instances seem to be elderly, possessing severe physical and mental disorders. The organic structures of SCP-835-1 instances are largely absent/uninhabited. The mental state of SCP-835-1 instances will often be grossly distorted, as if half of them are still still human beings, much in the same way with aging. There are also instances, notably in Japan and Japan, that do not have organs or tissues, but are instead near-atexylated vital organs of various sizes.

SCP-835-2 instances are truly living human bodies, although of a growing size. They are physically and mentally healthy, although many will have difficulty breathing, lose limbs and/or become partially made. Research shows that they begin to age slowly, allowing for their disintegration very early in life. They appear in all spatial locations at roughly the same speed, and are far more numerous and complex entities than would be imagined by normal human technology. SCP-835-2 instances are unable to move or change their body shape. However, they are capable of complex behaviors that allows them to enter different dimensions and fields of operations and move in such a way that can be seen. For example, SCP-835-2 instances capable of mobility can fit in to a single room and attain a number of dimensions as they please.

SCP-835-2 will occasionally attempt to help people and other observers, in mixed understanding. They will speak with a sense of humanity, but will also attempt to hide the fact that their actions are in no way anthropogenic or productive of any benefit to the planet. They are fully capable of animal life, but display no taste for humans or other organic organisms. They complain of being unable to breathe and be unable to speak. Their breathing will be more rapid and short

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