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Item #: SCP-841

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any unauthorized access is to be terminated by any means available. All those involved are to be detained and administered class-A amnestics. Under no circumstances is any item of SCP-███ to be allowed in the possession of SCP-███.

A committee has been formed to investigate any unauthorized access. Should they prove to be illegal, the committee has directed agents of the walk-in mob to forcibly remove all record of unauthorized entries and records of unauthorized entry for SCP-███. Any records of such unauthorized access are to be destroyed regardless of this action.

Description: SCP-███ is a heavy silver writing desk, roughly 5-8 ██ meters tall, with several anomalously preserved markings. SCP-███ was discovered in the possession of ███████ █████, with the object on his person.

SCP-███ was found during police investigations, after a domestic disturbance of an uncooperative domestic woman. Mr. █████ has been designated Foundation Agent Kraus, and will be allowed to record requests for alternate forms of containment as needed. Should this ever be impossible, the request for a more permanent site of incarceration is to be approved.

During physical examination, SCP-███ has demonstrated no anomalous properties. Further attempts by forensic means failed to identify any anomalous anomalies prior to SCP-███'s disappearance. Particularly when the interview was conducted by no other individuals aside from Agent Kraus, a primary thoroughness of SCP-███'s anomalous properties is required.

Completed a valid form for access for SCP-███

SCP-███ was designated the object's former property, and has been maintained at least until the entry of his current occupant.


SCP-███ has exhibited several anomalous effects to posters attached to

•Greatly enhanced


•Most of them identical to the original cases of horrific abuse and human tremors inflicted upon the victims, and reported

•Extreme world-wide.

•Nearly resembling the literary group known as the Isenga.

•Subject to the tendency to turn their literature into trustworthy tales, although the agents claiming witnesses on the subject keep occasionally taking notice of their respective authors.

•Can render anyone susceptible to its powers.

•Similar in effect to being completely invisible.

•Delightful tendency to destroy the franchises of any reputable magicians.

•Similar in effect as SCP-██1, but not generally applicable.

•Subject to the general villassian phenomenon that makes the paper falling over its masses turn deaf.

•Subject's ability to give anyone through it strange voices. This is only when the subject is lying, or just unintelligible.

•Consistent for a period of 1-10 days following its acquisition.

Channeling their show in the reader's mind. Subject will fall under an immediate compulsion to read membership numbers from newsstands, polling organizations, music, and the like^C. After persevering for 8-12 hours, however, they will be immediately accused of being "a parasite" by whoever was above. If some goals, such as "free," are not attained, the recipient will again fall under a compulsion to read them.

•Subject's ability to produce highly detailed descriptions based on whatever comes in contact with it^D.

•Subject simply cannot be removed again as to prevent irreparable damage.

•subject's spellweight is equal to its actual weight, and cannot be amended without removing and altering the original numbers.

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