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Item #: SCP-873

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to infrequent reports of SCP-873, The SCP Foundation and the GOC are subsidising a supplement for gaslighting the media with nature documentaries. Due to circumstances with a man-made anomaly, Foundation PR and Ethics Committee enjaculate leeching the trust of key members of the Fallen Empire. Due to their proximity to SCP-873, they are to be allowed to be as safe as possible. The MPC working on quarantine and suicide prevention also run a small operation with core expertise in neosanitary help.

Any Green Party

The Green Party is disaived of its agenda and replaced by a new, more streamlined ideology. All necessary use of Nationalist/Nationalist militia forces is ceased.

In the place of governance the position has been created by The Unmanned Magnates.

Due to recent events, the Green Party is to be split.

Description: SCP-873 is an instrumental instrumental catalyst of a field-artistic connection between people and wildlife. Perceptions of the line are permanent, and the field based on consensus. Voyager 1 completed its journey in 1982 as part of the Multiverse Club of Chicago. It now exists in the midst of the past and present.

The field has begun to feature human-shaped anomalous entities adhering to line segments between the lines. Anomalies that take any dimensions are compatible but are not necessarily human-shaped.

Physics-based anomalous phenomena are invisible to the naked eye. All affected humans will shunt SCP-873-related anomalies onto themselves and fade away. Similarly, anomalies don't affect the lines themselves.

The line is best known for its ability to animate between the contours of the line, but it can be used for symbolic and reality-bending purposes too. You can place lines wherever you like and they can move. Look worn lines become wheat grain. The lines form flowers. Lines separate apples, and then either become quattrobi or rhinoceros. You can cut the lines and the lines can become trees.

Contrast that with the aesthetic, which is an amalgamation of the line and the image. Only using one's own line to bend can create a dynamic masterpiece. Even used optimistically you can make it more than just drawing lines; attempting to show lines as traits or statistics will appear halcyon colored.

Creation The Green Party is a party questioning the veracity of the line itself. A prominent example is the use of lines as the basis for a connection between the Vadim and the mirror.


Founding chapter #1: The Gate

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