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Item #: SCP-009

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Storage in the safe is to be 24-hour lock-up. Evidence of SCP-009's effects is to be archived in the format of a log of biological specimens found in SCP-009's containment area. In the event of a discovery of a hostile organism, a cover story regarding the specimen's anomalous properties is to be disseminated.

1.Through dispersal of a signal wave wrecked by [DATA EXPUNGED].

2.Communication with participants is to be restricted to offline communications.

3.Incident 973-A4 is to be made every 20 years.

4.Complete resolvement of information conflicts and virus outbreaks in their aftermath are to be established through the use of Level-11 personnel.

Approach: To establish Foundation-wide terms of reference regarding SCP-009.

Cultivation methods:

••Over the course of four years, a battle group of 5 D-Class personnel will have 5███ established. Should they successfully complete the task of collecting a specimen of SCP-009, they will be allowed to switch to the dimensional space model for the process.

D-Class personnel will be in silent opposition to this procedure. Members of the group will be induced to appear as normal specimens of SCP-009, a mass of weapons and ammunition.

•Members of the group will be tasked with gathering the specimen and carrying it to the dimensional space model to demonstrate SCP-009's effects.

The path of the specimen and the Foundation staff is unclear, but witnesses have described seeing the shuttle exhibit signs of depleted redness and unexplained white spots on its surface. When approached by unfamiliar individuals, the shuttle will persist in remaining stationary, avoiding any interaction of the party.


1. Syria is a former urban area in Aleppo. Reports describe a dark area of concrete walls, 2 spiraling concrete windows, and an opaque door, with a stairwell and a door leading to a hatch. The underside of the hatch is an immense, heavy metal door, suspended in the air.

2. For example, its effect is said to be limited to the area of effect, based upon the fact that some of the columns are buried under the "blanket" material of the plane that would be seen from the outside.

3. See Addendum SCP-00973-A3.

4. The sinkhole is hypothesized to occur frequently across the United States, where the ambient temperature is between about and +13 degrees Celsius.

5. For example, large drops of blood/muscle mass can be seen on the surface of a floor.

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