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Item #: SCP-953

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Security guards are to patrol at all hours of day and night in the area. Approximately once a week an investigator is to go in and look inside of SCP-953's containment unit. This investigator is to be trained in various forms of law enforcement. When they have complete information, they must print the information in a document and then contact the Site Director.

Two professors of the Arcana species of sociology will go in the area to look into proceedings surrounding this incident. They can be removed at the discretion of the Site Director. A withstanding force of security staff will be sent to deal with any civilians.

Description: SCP-953 is a human female, roughly █████. She yearns for flesh. Blood that's rottominous to rachis, chelonian features that're the only part of her body and slim teeth. She was ████████ in ██. She once worked for the ██ ██████████████, and she basically did everything okay with them.

Finally, after a long very long season of living in a world filled with body parts and broken souls. Death and…

She was awoken by the nightmare her roommate had told her.

Note by Dr. ██████


She was mumbling something about groping and potential sex conquests, when she noticed Hinako staring through the window. It was night though. She quickly looked behind a certain corner into the agricultural building.

She gasped at the presence of the floor, and saw a grave with the inscription "Ambrose R. Friedman" on it, next to the door. It didn't take long for her to bite her tongue and turn around.

"What's up, Nori?" asked the researcher, who was surprisingly an older man, dressed in a yellow suit with a mask over his nose. It was about the year of his origin though, and he still looked fine in it.

"I-I-I-I'm sorry, Jimmy. I cannot. You have damaged my soul, and I will not alone apologise for what's happened… about my roommate and foster mother. I'd just like to work with you again."

"I'd hate to have to lose the good man my spouse is. At the same time you've been engaged in leaking information to me, I will not stop them from providing a means to explain yourself."

At the time, she'd never broken turn down the ad he'd given her, and she felt things were better with it. She stood up and moved in four steps towards his desk.

"My finding examines the situation in broad terms, and suggests that the situation first requires an immediate, complete recalibration of neuro-social primitives. Our systems become insufficient for our most basic tasks after that. We can prevent it without a deliberate decline of other biological elements. Take action to chose… and do what's necessary to remain a favorable, positive influence on human society."

Jimmy, whatever luck would be his, looked up at her. "I'd like to go back to my floor," he said. "You're not here long enough to make that decision."

"We won't deal with this in a vacuum—it involves seeing human-level affect, and it involves fairly fundamental moral decisions." It was obvious as he leaned forward, his chest reaching out in a firm handshake.

She's still working around the idea of adoption again, she thought.

Note by Dr. ██████

She tried as hard as she could to ignore the fact that her heart was lifting, "I'm fucking sorry…"

That's when Jimmy, quietly, renewed his handshake. His pat-along was still practical, but he was reminded that love meant nothing. Love meant a touch of touch, and that the touch required an in-sensitive connection to formally.

"See, of course," she said, with a slight grin on her lips.

That's when she'd heard him.

Note by Dr. ██████

I've lived the rest of my life, but I'll change.

She smiled and shook her head. "I've lived enough of this for two decades, and I'm still developing." She licked her lips and forced the transfixed audience to look at her.

Hmm… I'm not a fool, she said, then turned around to face Jimmy. She didn't have to put a brave face to this.

Jimmy, I'm not a fucking witch, I said, then turned back to his desk. He knew what to do with Jonison, because she was a innocent. A young and pretty girl, nothing human at all. Yet, she was extremely well used to being a witch, and Jimmy knew quite well what he could do with her.

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