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Item #: SCP-959

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As of 01/10/2024, SCP-959 is to be maintained in the possession of Dr. Heiden at all times. Access to SCP-959 is not to be denied. Personnel expecting to study SCP-959 must first confirm with Dr. Heiden that they have related investigations into SCP-959 prior to entering the premises.

Description: SCP-959 is an anomalous humanoid figure that was discovered near the town of Foundation Access Road ███████. The object is approximately 3 meters in height with a mostly humanoid head and big black eye; however, the face is partially obscured by an unknown device. The mask worn by the figure reflects ambient light, though contact is gradually made to examine the face. It seems that due to poor lighting conditions, the figure resembles an adult human male. The figure is covered largely in dirt, showing that the overall shape is consistent with a humanoid figure. The figure is thought to be at least 50 years of age and communicates a language similar to that of the ancient Egyptians.

Inside this face, there is an eyepatch with a deep hole in it. It is noted to be partially filled in, though the hole is still blocked from the entire depth. When approached, the figure nearly immediately screams. The atmosphere within the face is deafening, but when it is removed, all human ears record its deep bass tones. No sound can be made from inside or outside the figure if the hole is large enough for human ears. It rationalizes this and insists that its mask contains whatever it is holding.

However, the figure seems to possess some function other than its obvious death. That is, while wearing the face, its pair of legs appear to be fused together, and as a result can allow it to walk. The figure ventures outdoors, despite the difficulties this imposes on human contact. The atmosphere inside the face rapidly becomes insubstantial and will often end before reaching the original location. This will seem to physically interfere with movement and ability to use basic tools in the course of thought however.

Observations are confirming that the figure makes use of a set of seemingly''cognitive'' functions, including a language, though this has yet to be made visible in any ways. The figure left the town of Access Road ███████ completely blind after appearing in front of its own residence.

Subjects affected by SCP-959 will have no memory of it entirely. Standard environment tests show that all subjects have similar records in a variety of fields; however, this is not consistent or referenced in this history, and some have been subject to life-long memories of specific events that do not match to their records.

When questioned, the figure is non-responsive. It has stated that it had been able to reach the town of Access Road ███████ by swallowing the town headquarters. As a result, these are not consistent with the presence of other SCP-959s in the surrounding area.

Original Interview Log: On 9/11/2024, during a routine health check for SCP-959, the following calls were intercepted:


how do i fix this again?

Dr. Heiden.

How did you get this?


Oh, you have new equipment? You can't operate it.

Dr. ███.

Do you have any other SCP?


Incident Log 959: It is recommended that you consult your site physician if you are intending to attempt to operate the SCP. As noted in my report, I would recommend that this not be an issue. I'm sorry for interrupting you.

Dr. Heiden.

Dr. Heiden.


Name: Dr. F██████

Date of death: 11/07/2024

Physical Description: A Caucasian male, 27 years of age. He has large ginger hair, and brown eyes. His skin is tan and dark brown, though he is well-preserved. He is of average height, but his build is vaguely carved from a single lump of metal.

Personnel related to SCP-959 will engage in self-preservation when and if the need arises. Current knowledge and theories predict that individuals around him are dissected and purged, and replaced by the usage of SCP-959. He has non-anomalous skin.

It is currently speculated that the entities named "The Tragedy of Pan" and "The End of History" have evolved, with the latter being Roman records, while the former being Holy Writ. While no individuals are known to be involved in the process or under the influence of these entities, there is evidence that they contributed to the events that transpired after the event.

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