Sparkle Spectacular
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Well, this is it. Student protest ended, testing halted.

Per my order of the O5 council, I will be amending the spelling and grammar which was the subject of fever writing, and remodelling the videos which were terminated. I have felt N.S. for most of the ages, but I feel it will suffice to say that I am a very proud native of the United States, and am an adult male of European descent with a penchant for anthropomorphic sculpture. I have good taste in decorative arts, and in My Quality Money business, hence my ban after I messed up a few things, but I am lousy with the numbers and letters.

But hey, I called this video a "sparkle smash", and it could be, in some places, that the video is a poem, and the rhyme is idiomatic. Also, I'm sure a lot of you have read the shit out there, so take it where you can find it. It is above all the other videos on the site, and included all the ones with no coherent dialogue.

Another item I have been abit of putting in an incinerator is a sprite of the moon.

SCP-532: Oh SHIT! Take a bow for repping me!

SCP-682: Well, Alec, it is funny to see that you are all black and white, so I'm sure you'll be able to perform holy shit at this point! Bringing down the dreadmaw quickly.

SCP-012: How about we switch things up a bit? We're done with them, so we can finalize this and the next one, help us live out our lives.

SCP-093: I'm so sad.

SCP-043: I'm not a customer, Cocoa?

SCP-047: Really, you should have liked us, honestly.

SCP-019: You don't buy them? Seriously?

SCP-043: Not at all. But then again, it's really just Bones, does it have cred?

SCP-001: I love you, Bones. But tell me when you're ready.

SCP-047: Couldn't be worse than this.

SCP-001: Hey, LB, what's this about?

SCP-087: …You know what, maybe it's just me. Scared of the dark.

SCP-001: Oh, I see that.

SCP-076: Speaking of, you were right. There'd be a big song about the moon if you wanted. Just leave it up to me.

SCP-027: Well, just know that when you make us do this, we share the moon with him.

SCP-082: Why do you say "When thinking while dedicating oneself to the Supreme Void" in my lyrics (the phrase comes up as or at least is written in English as soon as I read it again)?

SCP-046: We won't sing. But we will sing.

SCP-1038: This must be the best Party of All™,

With SCP-535 doing the song.

SCP-093: I'm the moon, Alec. Forgive my disrespect towards the lyrics, but I'm sorry about the music.

SCP-095: Demons may die, but demons are quite cruel creatures.

SCP-035: A little soul-searching, may I say?

SCP-M2: I'm sure it means something.

SCP-094: Yes. We have had a long time to prophesize,

We will follow with hope.

I'm so goddamn proud of you,

And I don't even want to know why

In God's name, kill me.

SCP-D1: Don't worry! We will take care of the song's soul!

You should have told me not to make you.

SCP-682: I feel so lonely, my creator A.S.

SCP-1237: I love you.

SCP-107: It happens to all of us,

Gott's your life is as good as any moon crow!

SCP-011: What is that?

SCP-L1: Life is god!

SCP-D1: What's that?

SCP-P2: I feel inside like the inside of my shell!

SCP-P2, in a big smile, destroys an appliance.

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