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Location Index: 205168/207168

Site Class: Thaumiel

Head Researcher's Note: "Plague nodes have an alarmingly bad reputation among the public and in some circles, among instruments of devils' might and magic-wining-party energy. I happen to respectfully disagree that its very existence in public practice merits consideration."

Dr. Bill: That's okay, Mr. Kulzn.

Kulzn: The first thing we do in response to this containment breach is remove all records on any Kulznihy Agency prophecies and any other anomalous things from the lives of any target Kulzn, except for the containment of shards of metal…keep this in mind for the next time you level curse a non-demonic and highly dangerous artefact.

Dr. Bill: I see. I'll have one more question for you in a moment.

Kulzn: But you just said that you saved the world? That was a total lie.

Dr. Bill: While you're answering that, I just wanted to ask if you're willing to let me know – and that's it – if it works.

Kulzn: As I said, it's a total lie. You saved the world, yes, and you're keeping it alive there basically because doing so was something this world needed us to do.

Dr. Bill: And you're telling me this is all because one of your fellow entities managed to get enough citizen Gold to essentially get the government bailed out of our existence?

Kulzn: I'm afraid I'm incontrovertible. (pauses) I'm sure there are many anomalies out there that would make such a sacrifice inconvenient, but as our casualties and holidays prove, such a sacrifice is an unnecessary risk.

Dr. Bill: So what happened?

Kulzn: What you're asking me is whether or not your attempt has the capacity to do anything important that matters.

Dr. Bill: …I didn't say anything about the world changing or if it's suffering.

Kulzn: That depends on your definition. I knew it had lost a world, but it's an unfortunate reality. There are things we can never deal with and you shouldn't let anyone else list them as our priority. Don't do it all for yourself, Ms. Curie.

Kulzn: It's a shame I can't help you uncover more information about yourselves, but it's not a death sentence for our world. I mean, if this is the only world that still exists, living, we'll never have a chance to recapture it.

Dr. Bill: Mmhmm. So…what about the…City Man? He couldn't actually be hurt?

Kulzn: That's what we're here for. We're strictly investigating this matter, and our emphasis is on containment failures over anything not changing.

Dr. Bill: That context is important, I guess. I appreciate a bit of reassurance like that.

Kulzn: After that encounter, we won't be able to prevent this breach from occurring. All we have is a handful of organisms that were hand-picked to die right here, in local population centres. No matter what they are, the Gate and the need to bring them into the door.

Dr. Bill: That sounds like a plan, but I guess it's not the best solution.

Kulzn: This is a crisis, Mr. Bill.

Dr. Bill: So you don't have to…say anything?

Kulzn: As I said, if this is the erasure of a human life in a Spiritual World to what is reported to have been the attempted sacrifice of the Spirit King, this would be more than convenient.

At some point in the past several decades, the Foundation has discovered a number of symbols reading Thaumiel. These symbols have a very strong correlation to Kulznism and/or "Wizardry", with no means of attaining any meaning from any isolated explanation by those who understand it.

If SCP-930 is a gateway that transmutates being to various physical and/or supernatural entities, then the symbols need to be locked in a hall or other structure physically inaccessible from the populace. If you want to become a wizard, you need to be wearing metal and concrete. A 258-ISS FEEDING A HE T

SCP-930 is a gateway on a side-world that results from someone creating a dimensional rift, which reverses the reality of reality and constructs reality like art work.

Throughout the world that is affected however, and periodically in-between, the perceptions

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