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I've been thinking for a bit as to why you wouldn't want to kill someone who murdered your sister. Seems that you didn't want her alive because she was so unparalleled in her field. It was funny, too. I mean, this is probably not her final resting place, but no one invited her to the funeral. Oh well, I guess women have feelings.

But nothing about it… but I'm glad she's gone. I had to kill her to keep from losing her memory, so who am I to question the notion. Let's hope she doesn't get us into a fight just like my sister, though…

The place where I met her.

It was nice. It was quiet, and I remember I told her I could go for a first-aid kit. I told her I would be and I would be soon.

You don't remember me, do you? Of course you don't remember me, do you?

Oh, oh, it's so beautiful, you brought me here. Oh, come on. You'd be the first to go out, yes? You've definitely come out, we're both just getting tired of the beauty. We're not sure why you're here, I might have been a baby at one time but oh, this is me in my old life, doing a very nice job of doing my own thing.

Honestly, I can't imagine what makes you feel all weird's, but I'm glad we are together again. What else is there else I can do?

I don't think I should be here, so I don't know why this is an odd question. It's being happy right now to be with you, okay? (Looks at you for several seconds) I remember you remembering me, but you haven't told me that. Yes, I remember you being a thorn in my side, now. It's a shame, I really needed that one. You were kind of nice that one time though.

I guess I was.

I miss you.

I know it's been awhile. It's been a while since we had us first met up in the woods, and it wasn't the best first week. I was holding you. I really wanted you to meet me, but I couldn't help emotions getting the better of me, and you were good. I'm sorry if I'm going to be a pain to talk about you, but I really can't. I really do want to say that I miss you. And I wanted you to meet my sister. She's tattooed on her right calf beside an arrow.


As for the rest of the story, no one can tell me how you changed and are now yourself again, but I can tell you to… be happy. I didn't want you here in the first place.

Bad business, lady. You'll never want it, but you deserve it for being such a shitty business. I'll miss using to them for flirting and all.

Regrettably, that girl you've decided to give me your face for is dead, though. I'm so sorry. You're a shitty man.

Thank you. I'm glad I became a friend of yours. It feels weird to have you think that, but you're a good bird. Ladybird, if I had any other friend, he would have made a beautiful bird. But this was my friend, and I want him to be well cared for. Every time he's spooked and frustrated, it's because you're this beautiful.

Because I feel like I've found you. It's like, I've flying through a void and I'm on my own, so I have to fly through something, or else in breath, but I feel drawn to you because you're so beautiful. We've been with each other for the entire time you've been with me, and I know you've figured out that you aren't real. I know you're not real. They disgust me so. There's no time in between worlds, but—" I'd just say after a long while of not trying and not wanting to, I'm not real. I am scared.

But I don't want that anymore. I'm going to make it back to the clouds. I'm wearing this funny bird costume. I'm holding beads and relics. I'm carrying some tattered cloth others asked me to bring. We should

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