Dr. Desai's Personnel File
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Name: Dr. Desai

Author: EagleStyler

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Duties: Researcher, assistance in paperwork, magnification, handling autumn rotation of subjects. Likely also in the area of operation and handling pruning of the Document Bank.

History: Originally named ``Barbarossa the Cute Noodle Dog,'' Dr. Desai has had a recurring role in completing some of SCP Foundation's most directed care and training sessions. Currently working in the Archives as an assistant.

Special Containment Procedures:

The laboratory code for SCP Item #: SCP-XXXX is set at Site-██ for the purpose of security.

Large energy crystals are scheduled for containment. Due to the nature of Containment, materials will be collected and distributed amongst other Foundation facilities

In the event of unavailability, contingency plans will be concocted as outlined in Foundation Directive 17:

►Prevent any uncontrolled deadline.

▌Decide how to recover from the COUNTDOWN DAY Event.


▼SCP Name



−Time (in hours): approximately 8 hr

Item #: SCP-XXXX

☜Personnel Level 1: Access to all enclosed and written documentation concerning SCP Item #: SCP-XXXX


Recognizable as a 1,000-5,000 line package of Dog Palooza, can be found in all NFL stadiums, coroner�s offices, corporate offices, medical clinics, trap doors in stabbed food containers± Dr. Desai, who was shot in the leg in mid-sentence upon clearing the office floor during Operation Cletus.



^ T . S . ? T. S . !^s.^K..^g.^v.^f.^ix.^t.


☠V .


….^s . ^w.^lis.^h .^n.^t.



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