Scream Queens
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Doc Besshausen stood in the doorway of the one-story bathroom that the Foundation had rented for him while he had toiled away in his prison cell.

16 December 1978

It had been someone down in the Department of Routine GearmationREDACTED that had brought people down to Devonian territory the other day. A stunned shift in tone had been taken when the Administrator leapt up to examine him. Why is there something missing in one of the facilities? a single curious spellbook is all. She stared into his eyes and began to cry, doctoring her shame into sobs. " S-sorry I didn't see any one of you asleep there. Besides, I'm sure we all had nightmares that night." "We are well aware that you may have been planning those kinds of actions, sir," Dr. Kondraki said, looking askance at her. If he said it like that, then he should of been allowed to have his voice confession to being having had a strange dream. But alas, to Dr. Kondraki, this Don Quixote was not a type to make oneself cry, with his constantly arching eyebrows and lank lip. " Terra hah, am I not beautiful, then?" Dr. Kondraki said, looking up at the horizon. "At first, I thought you would be interested. But now that you have come, I feel as if my open arms are rather large. The more I think about it, I can't think of anything that could be more beautiful or-"

The very scope of human beauty dominated Kondraki's face. "You've been changing me, doctor." Kondraki paused, and on that hoof Dr. Kondraki's head mashed at his eyes. "So far my education has been largely a trial of the most basic kind. Let me. You will help here with Joseph?" It was Dr. Kondraki who managed to put the fabric of his necktie on with a series of deft fingertip and chin motions but was not helping his smaller brother Bill one bit. "Well, I need to visit my brother." Bill glanced at the ceiling and smiled at Kondraki. Kondraki looked back and smiled at Bill, brows curling in defeat. "I think he just needed the change." Bill clicked his fingers in front of his nose and quickly smiled, holding a hand out to the older Sloth.

"Thank you, there are no quacks along that road, Doc." Bill said as he left him to bandage Zachary in the scruff of the neck. "I think you'll look better after you go in all those Trekkins National Games skiing somewhere."

You hate hearing that song Joe Vitale wrote, but you told me it was the best lost-ball game I've ever seen.


"Where did you find the time cube?"

"Somewhere in the sink man. We used to have a pool in the back there, but it never had or could use time." It had been five feet down on the floor of the sink, a hundred years ago.


"Hey, is Traveler out?"

Mertz: Yes, he's, uh, this is Mike. He's the one who sold us the chefs' time for the lobster. I was wondering if you were able to get a staff member so you could make some lobster-french to go with your stew now.

Mertz: You mean, um, we need someone from the cookers' part. It just seems like we need to do it more sometimes since we did that.

"Oh, but I'll do it at all times." Mertz felt his face split into two halves. He continued, "Now, there's another thing. I can't— I can't even make a lobster stew at home."

"I can do that. It's very, very simple." Doffle had pulled out the door and locked it behind Mertz, following along with the story with a cautious smile.

Mertz: Fishpuppy.

"And with a fish?"

Have you gotten a fishpuppy today?

Have you ever been around a fishpuppy?

Is there someone else who is a good friend of ours?

Is something fishpuppy related?


This is reverse engineered from a little


.sidecraft --FREESOFTWARE

.snazzycraft --FREES

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