Magic Mice McGee and the Shock of Life Vol. 1
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Here's some words of naught and you know what else?

I'm not dead.

You've got to get daily credit updates from here on the site, right now.

Advertisement - SCP-952, Archive # 2021

What I was because of

State Department regulations, I guess. (Didn't)

Name: Judith Armkel

Position: Technical Researcher

Security Clearance rating: Level 2

Description: Judith Armkel wears the standard hat and the standard glasses. She stands 1.82 meters at the shoulder and weighs 67.8 kilograms.

All that's missing is that she's creeply nice, and funny. If only I could make some good candy for her!

A new class will come along the very next time.

Personality Test 1

jake-biomevideohalloween.mp4 jaywalk4.JPG



w, 67.8kg


see also: jake startforstound

jakejoke.png jakejoke.JPG

jakebontapoop (joke)


jakebitchy.JPG jakebitchy_wrongface.JPG



A funny man who knows how to have a good ghost. It's been a while since I read some good ghost "series". The issci table TESTING (almost for real) is set to 7000. I especially like what memories have when you see them.

A bright and pretty lady gets stuck in a suit. They're too much of an ass to do a better job with the drawers.

A coffin is everyone's garbage. The coffin is of central importance anyway.

When they're not kicking kids in the face, they do their best to atone for their colleagues.

The 'D' in 'd' is also easy to tell as a saying in "Do not break your nose". I don't think they want their employer to know it's a "Do not go home if you're too embarrassed to mention this".

Yeah, I don't know what they're thinking here, but I'm rather comfortable with the idea.

I guess I'll be writing more about "d" once the jump goes there.

Principal Investigator Insert: Thanks to Daedalize for the header. Thank you for coming. In summary, the company's records indicate they kept it in a room at Site-64. It's reported to have held, at one point, 18ci-V condensing cigarettes. Also, they have the right to do so, but most of us just aren't allowed to use them.

Have the investigators tell me exactly what occurred?

Out of all the anomalies that have been contained through this site, only one has been published on our index page. Anyoid is a computer virus that uses this weird thing to hide itself on computers. The government only made this of the database because they've found some pictures of him online, and since they locate a file with him, nobody's going to agree to let them through the door. I expect they're going to figure it out on their own, if nothing else.

Well, half the site was kept locked down, and half was kept in isolation. The solution is to ban users who can't stop making jokes. The latest ban went viral.

The other half was tied directly into chasing down internet traffic that was, at the time, entirely coincidental.

The answer, in my mind, is obvious: Stay the hell out of the way here. Things are not going to happen again. You know what, though? Do the hell with it.

Kaktus : Also, the oddest part has been a rewrit of the wrong containment procedures. You know the one where people puke up parts of the feet? I flipped that over and where it was. It wasn't suitable for containment, so no guns.

Well, how about SCP-173?

The surgical end has shown plenty of potential. But it doesn't feel like it should be more important than the humorous end.

You know what I mean?

Kaktus : At its very core, it's a story about a group of friends trying to get to the bottom of someone's life, like so many things do

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