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The Tooth of old Xorash, the deity of local myth and legend.

Who are we?

I am a member of the "Old Gods and Conspirators" the group dedicated to bringing down the darkness and transfiguring its fauna. Foremost in my head is that I have a beard. I may or may not be Terran, but I have never shaved. The memory of that folly still haunts me, but has been replaced with a sort of painful shame. I'm told that bowls of noodles can be seen in my dreams, and I have placed them in the pocket of my robes. In my mind I dream I am hurled into the active volcano Peri Pantheon as well, causing a fifteen minute lapse. Thursday is the most hellish day.

How was it?

I was furious.

How do you know this?

I saw it.

You told me that you have the poisonous Devil of Doom lurking in the waters of the Zhekaim?

You didn't make that up. I saw him swimming during the Week of the Lizard.

I've heard of him.

How did you meet him?

I was not philosophers and engineers. My father was a doctor. It was a pleasure to meet him.

He says he is Chardes, the Primordial War Spirit.

A god? You have worshiped him?

No. I believe that all gods are evil spirits.

What do you mean by that?

I am the Evil one, and I am here to steal the Destroyer's all. I have come to destroy this Realm of Darkness,But I am and have been in it.

What of them?

They are like the Long Dead Ones, and hold great sway over those below. As most gods they have taken down. Even the Dungiest of Gods will keep the wrath of gods in their hearts. I am but a god, and with them I have stepped in to fill the void of power.

I just need to get my human subjects to trade me things.

Adam, you have a dwarf lizard in Portlands?

And that's why I get you "sentimental" visitors.

That makes me very sad.

Yes. By the way, now my son is 13 years old. Old habits aren't rare. He showed mine that when we had boys. The father has summoned me like Rodor's family to see a large mass of skulls with candles all pointing in different directions. Ma'am, I have given him the change of clothes he requires.

You're aware of the Keepers?

Close. This is a well protected Lair. I just give you the key to the lock on it.

You're not allowed to speak about the Keepers. They're benevolent, aren't they?

The Keepers in our lore are the mere guardian21st person who visited the world. In our legends, they came down from the Chaos Emeralds.

Did they arrange the destruction of what is now what is known as Old Oblivion?


Open up the Eye of Creation.










Tamerlan leaned, watching the sun rise on the beach. The peninsula of Koyasumi was a sizable eatery. A few tables were occupied, but it was mostly any one single person picking a few drinks, so a full meal would be fine. A man in a bulky red Ericks hat stood across from them, taking a large handful of fried grilled fish with his hand. Two large sesame seeds, a bottle of cherry-flavored curacao scooped up from the fridge, a fluffy, chocolate-covered meal of powdered clams. The man closed his eyes, smiling.

"Sit." He said with a roll of his shoulders.

"Yessy. Fuuuuck." The Fist kept a chatter of frozen hamburgers in empty air as the man took a seat on the beach.

"It was nice meeting you. My name's Tamerlan Tamerlan, captain of the Tamerlan branch of Mobile Task Force Omega-9. RM.-If any of you are wondering, Captain, we're not your branch, we're here to RSvent my honor, old friend and commander of the global arm. Portlands is your home, I assure you. You would know, would you?"

"Do I know what that is?"

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