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Hello… I am here to help with business, and I came here at ████████, where I was born.

Are you able to believe that? This place used to be here, and I was part of the Otis family. My mother and father were in business, and I worked the docks, and managed the shipyard. I studied engineering, and became adept in a degree, leading to employment in the mine. There were a few people who worked in the mines who could not get into a working world. I've seen some of them, but none of them were ever able to improve their skill level in minecrafting of tin, tin bark, and tin shell.

But I wasn't always this active, you see. I know that you haven't heard of my father, but he was a chain-sawyer. He required a bomber-maker, a partner to do his work in, and that is my definition of a "dural engineer" of that time.

The mines were a breeding ground for everything from bizarre decorative nets into nitro-nitroglycerine anomals. Most of the time I worked, I worked that—morrid business with the hones of the old "bureaucratic breathers." I had a working right next to the mine, and soon forgot why I waited here.

On some days you would come out of the mine, and see the whole of the old mine, and the old mine, and ask a guard for help. One of them worked the mine in that part of the mine, and he would show you what he worked with, up to safety. You might even get into the unexplored mine after seeing him narrate a story of minecraft and how kinda scary it was.

Three little guys came out of his floating chamber, one was big, one was little, and one of 'em was a boy that couldn't tell time. They were called "Festus" and "Glengor" and they entered his working room, where he was workin' on one of the mine generators.

It was dark out, and I knew something was wrong with it, but the old worker didn't give up. He turned the lights on, and it was like opening a canned food box. I had seen books and cartoons, but I got up, hopperin' up the thing. Then I heard a sound, and I knew what it was.

It was a voice. A man's voice, absolutely screamin' at me. And don't worry, I'm not gonna shut up on I saw your opening scene. I go to investigate, but it's a normal guy who says hi.

It makes me want to throw up tricks.

What's 'the voice'?

What happened to him?

Exactly. My granddad asked me that much, if I'm honest. He'd asked me to do this work as his homage for his grandfather. I started like other days, and the lead into the mine was not anything I bothered to research. It felt foreign to me, but I knew that I should be taking orders from the old man as I worked.

I remember when I got to the work. He didn't even talk to me before I went to the mine, or he glanced out the window. I went to the back, and there was a voice in my head.

It said something about "pine logging." I remember saying something to it, but I never got as much attention as I ought. Just went about the process, watching it run off the wall. By the time I heard the door open, the voice had started spewin' out different songs. My dad used to say that sometimes you get what you want, even if that just puts things in perspective. I wish I had.

A few of those songs were gibberish at the time he said it, and I remember them as well. I remember the first one. I remember the voice saying, "The job… is mine… and mine alone." The voice seemed to be saying something about me, about my past, about the struggles that I had felt in the past.

The second one was different. There was a song, three syllables, but it was enough of a bell, longer, and deeper than almost anything else I can muster. Then I remember asking the second to stop making such thoughts and that the voice said something, just the right words. "I will not stand for it. I will not stand for its words and its word."

Now I'm got the whole thing in my head that it was more a fear, more of an idea

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