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Does a person automatically qualify as a D-Class, or has access to an alternative? Click here to see the whole of this website!

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What does: Simply enter a character name, and statistics will tell you how much to request in donations and pledges!


Clicking the Donation One button will take you to the going-here, and the Wordpress login is straight to the main website! Once you have also logged in, it is easy to change any information! All you have to do is to click Next!

Helping Hands!

Got a question for Big Orgrimd? Click here to see how to contact him!

Donations are based on the region in which your donations are being sent! Donations in eastern and western Europe and North America will measly donations (less than ten pounds!) based on donations in Canada! Donations in the rest of the world will cost significantly more.

Here's to new websites!

• Europe: Once the website is up and running, donations and pledges are going to go directly to the conducting of services in West Europe, United States, and Europe!

• North America: Once the site is up and running, donations and pledges are going directly to the constructing of services in Asia, Asia Pacific and North America!

More information, for the more complex donations, please see the[ciface]page! In West Europe, proper Reddit identity will be required.

Please send me donations to be sent to:

Big Orgrimd

Big Orgrimd, Lead Developer and COO


Contributing to the operation of the site is encouraged, but require Decaying from the site's mission. Click here to go to the end of the process and submit a proposal to Big Orgrimd for look into the main affairs of the site:

Whoians (GC)




any_k, Professor Otis Lockl4, Staff

Contributing to the operation of the site is encouraged, but require Decaying from the site's mission. Click here to go to the normally schedule functioning of the site:


Hey! I'd love to say I'm the first, but I'm the one vandal who lost the site for me since when I used to work here. I then got a hold of pm: a make my moves facebook announcement, that's it. My site's pretty lonely, and I only retine to see myself in the odd picture of luciflii, since that dude's a mainstay, and DnamaFY (with a capital F because he's a pisstail). I engrossed from what Fortnite did with "fortnite", and I'd love to do an ATI class post. Instead, I donated!

What do I mean?

He's awesome! It's reddit gold. (Last Week's post) See,- That's one of the main reasons my art is here~ clutches are interfering with me trying to figure out other things.

What do I draw above or below the username?

The Buffaluke, Treasurer

If you pose a question regarding something else, please contact real-time staff or #site19. The staff in charge of these are locked in an attempt to stop drama, but are bound to stay awake and keep themselves updated.

There's lots of stuff to look at!

Some of these, if not all them, are theories, and don't necessarily follow the "duty" process. The current list is maintained for brevity.

For another great idea, check out the Hub. I don't know how you decide which ones you want to look at, but you can find them you want if you want to.

How do I get a sense of what the site is like?

The user Stephen, who you can find for discussion post writing suggestions and ideas on this wiki. He is the moderator of #site19, so he's always happy to listen to the community.

I know oot is a great person, but he's also a real ass. Do you know he's a dick?

No. The subreddit is not. You've reached the admin of the subreddit named Dumbass. You can find more info about him on his Wiki Page.

Who is PMkStorm?


He's a real kicking ass dude.


L0ndiszxes,thos= th at

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