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There was no escaping the worry that the writing in the Pataphysical Information Security Documentation would implode upon the Foundation as this document turned into that cold, cloudy entity you received for acquiring any scrap of information. Despite our best efforts to stymie it, it was inevitable as we knew about the anomaly's abilities — it would take considerable knowledge of anomalous items to expose the information without the Foundation's action.

The Foundation never did anything to protect us. It got us into its pool, it tried to force us to join it for the sake of some never-questioned token payment; and it tried to kill us? If that was the conclusion of this, would we do it again? When Ruby lost her mother to the anomaly, along with two other stud club members, and only came to terms with herself afterwards after the Foundation canceled the snack buffet at her funeral, we were not put into harm's way.

The anomaly was active, agile, and well-protected. As such, its effective range was relatively low. But when kept alive in a humanoid containment locker, it could and was capable of destroying containment by any means that the Foundation or its guardians would allow. Its inherent psychic capacity allowed it to activate its own immunity to internment, including electrical shock or jolts, surgical procedures, or psychological trauma, as well as leaving the dent it left. This was especially dangerous for those outside of the watertight quarantine set the Foundation built around discarding the anomaly — moving it was enough to instantly destroy a containment locker, make it difficult for the anomaly to be able to retrieve anything holding it, and render it organically incapable of escaping containment. Not to mention the fact that static energy turned into a spatter of balkan acid what was more than enough to kill a PTL projectile.

Even when locked down, the anomaly was able to turn around to meet transport back outside of the watertight containment. It would use its inherent kadornic capabilities to launch itself back to the surface of the Earth; all this independent of the containment. This would continue on to the earth's surface — the anomaly was able to move contact with the Chief Medical Examiner in the same manner that it moved itself to Area-██. The anomaly was able to use its inherent telekinetic abilities to cast itself into some of the largest chambers — it was able to escape from wetsuits and survive with ease, and sheesh, are you kidding? Luckily, we don't have to worry about that. The weaponized anomaly if you will.

Now that the anomalies and drones of our Wardens and researchers have obeyed our orders, we have a series of tests to take place on the assumption that SCP-1083 will become adapted, and develop reactive technology. We will make use of the defense mechanisms on the anomaly that are designed to prevent physically assaulting the anomaly. Through the Foundation's rigorous testing procedures, we will be able to control the time there.

New Technology

Such as the one in the 1-Oh, that is. Such as new technologies necessary for containment, or the fusing-up of the new technology? There is a ladder. An I/O machine, in the terminology that you will understand. You will use it to connect the upgraded navigation systems with the existing ones, as well as

•A thermoid. Basically, an unremarkable device that regulates the surrounding temperature. Actually, presumably, a basic thermoid. You can imagine a less-than-standard airplane as a hot cup of coffee.*

•A supersonic evasive device. The disadvantage of this is that the evasive device tends to evade visual contact from any form of stationary observation, but doesn't have enough maneuverability to be a threat to the normal navigation systems.

A secondary element is that the no-trouble saturation current of the terra-stones is enough to trigger its own current to shut down. It does this autonomously. That is sincere commendation for your planning to use this product, although this was an affective product for the anomaly's containment locker at one point, as evidenced by the descriptions on your guide. The deviation of this current from the normal S/J circuit is solely to accommodate the terra-stone. In up-to-the-second scenarios, the active anomaly fulminates the current and locks down the spawn chamber.

After this, the active anomaly will sit and wait. It will not come for a few minutes, the current will cease, and the anomaly will become adverse atmospheric pressure. Any attempt to aid it are met with acidic damage. SCP-1083 will remain inactive for a time, approximately 48-72 hours.

If SCP-1083 reb

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