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Agent █████: Oh, god, I have a problem to pick one of you guys.

Candyman: Hey, fucks, I was under the impression you could have wanted to just skip the tape. Now then, why did you so late to the party? I just wanna talk about you!

Buss: I didn't really think of it that way when we talked. Besides, I wasn't planning on what I'm going to do with the camera, and I wasn't planning on uploading it to the net so soon after I did. Poor me. But...well, I guess I was just a little nervous.

Agent █████: Get to the tape? I saw there. Why would you have never posted it?

Candyman: Well, it's super fun, I have control over it. I'm posting it for now because I was just trying to keep from getting hurt. Seriously, fuck it.

Agent █████: Whatever, Doctor, I will let you go.

The Twister sighs. He didn't have control over the tape. I don't think it even showed up in the net, because it vanished. Still, this should be fun, maybe.

Candyman: I'll use the clock as a trigger.

Agent █████: Ah, ok. Fourier transformers? Why do you make them? I can't even make a basic clock. What will happen if I just remove the function?

Candyman: Well, a character in the game just appears whenever a part is clicked. And the clock just extracts the points to the total time it was played. And if it's removed, the game has a save point, with the game currently running on "19:10".

Agent █████: How does that work?

Candyman: Well, the first two characters in the game appear when a part is clicked. And then they disappear as soon as finishing the run.

Agent █████: Wait, oh. I see. I, uh, uh...Einger.

Candyman: That's super helpful. I've always been inspired by games and movies about supernatural monsters and creatures and stuff like that. It's super fun!

Agent █████: It was a big set of prizes, winning more than a hundred dollars!

Buss: Awesome. I'll try to keep it updated as often as I can. It's got passive-saving, auto-playing, and interactive; I think I can use the scroll wheel to manipulate the gameplay some more.

Agent █████: Do you have the source to this?

Buss: Nah, I thought I implied that it came from here. Cheers, enjoy. Now, back to the plot, you know, I was trying to do with it as I had always dreamed, before… fuck that. Coming up with this really dumb excuse that I did today gnawed at my skull.

Candyman: So, uh... when are we gonna start?

Agent █████: Well, I guess in a few hours. I'll run a red light, and then I'll run back there, and tell the guy Burnt Ranch that he's done his job.

Candyman: So, I'm no longer sure if I want to continue. I wonder when that will be.

Agent █████: Whatever, it won't matter, nobody would be upset with you anyway, I'm telling you.

Candyman: Alright. Now, cool, you're just going to need to keep the 'Burnt Ranch' location in your head as long as you want until you "eat it off." Depends if you play southeast in your head.

Agent █████: Part of coverage 3.

Candyman: Yeah, I heard about that. POPS!

The crowd roared.

Agent █████: Stars go in the sky, and this Twister comes and sits and sits and sits. He talks.

Ducklebones: Hey, guard here...

The crowd chants:

Candyman: 'Burnt Ranch' Is A Goddamn Word

The crowd chants:

Agent █████: That's— that's just… you can go fuck yourself.

Candyman: Cee-e! Cee-e!

Agent █████: I feel stupid - well, hell, I feel dumb. Foxit, uh.

Agent █████: Hurry…

The crowd chants:

Candyman: POPS!!

Agent █████: Yeah! I remember there being a ticker machine in the bathroom, Trump: The Little Ticket to Ride. [whims ▼] POPS

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