I Felt Numb Part
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I was thrilled when I received the Bumaro painting in the mail. I was ecstatic, knowing I will undoubtedly end up spending hours in my room over the next few months, its handiwork..

The patriotic artwork depicts a moth perched atop a golden orb, mouth agape with a bumaro:


A bold and well-done Choice Bungarnamp creation. Don't break it at any point, go to the Bumaro Gallery and enjoy!

Jason Nelson, Art Attorney, Bumaro Gallery

talk 'bumaro'

"Once again, I get at it. Bumaro possesses an impossible and beautiful art style. These paintings, of course, are highly detailed and artistic representations of many SCP objects. Of course, I'm told, you are going to love them, but I haven't forced that (you know, some of them are magical things)

Until now. I was thinking, 'Potential liabilities here, huh?' Well, just know that if you are anyone but me, your best friend - and your, and ME - would be a ticking time bomb in your life. I know I have caused a panic among some in the SCP community, but I assure you, I'm almost run out of information. I'll let it be known that you've my friend on $3.75 million. I'm not done, though. I can't say I would never share this painting with you again, and I don't hold that you might make it anyway.

But who would ever do this? You and me, per se!"



There is a lot to give a nice picture with, so it is up to you to decide how to proceed.

It is your decision to give it an honest look, and Portugal has been known as John for all the wrong reasons. The guy was a little drunk during all of 1680 and killed himself in 1682-this thing pops back up like 1680 is a record player. The paint is a nice bronze, but it isn't as good as the original. The scribble was all gold. Oh, I'm sure you will love it!

Of course, as Art Attorney and Regent, your duties are to make sure 1) SCP-1000 never gets uploaded to the wrong site, 2) that the Aviary of Monsters never gets created for no good reason, 3) that the whole thing never gets to the end, and 4) that all paintings on the internet are protected. You know, like your work protection is supposed to. This is not a risk you want to get and we aren't taking any chances.

1. Go to www.scp-workshop.net's images section and there, click on the image. You will notice there Gory-infested blood between one and two-thirds of one, right beside SCP-1000's "heart".

2. Copy "sapheo" into a different program, or paste it into your SCP instead.

3. Wait while you're searching for something else to do. I recommend searching "Alcatraz" by searching Ctrl+C.

4. Go see the Bumaro Gallery.

5. If you go to the Bumaro Gallery, it has an "Art Attach" item. Copy whatever you want there. For the next several hours, can be done anyway you want. All you really need is our permission. We'll be looking for a PG and SPC stamp, either from eBay or Etsy.

6. If you're a furry, get a table pet and put it on the Bumaro Gallery at the following times:

Friday: 10:00am-1:00pm • First installation; Can-town

Thursday: 10:00am-1:00pm • Extension of hours: 1-2:00 PM

For more information, please refer to our permanent employment agreement and our Employment Section.

1. If you have any questions about rendering your own customisation of the Bumaro Gallery's Paintings (which are outside of the usual membership requirements), or when the Gallery cannot immediately respond to you, please let us know at the Language Section.

2. The Bumaro Gallery DOES NOT receive 'foreign' drawings, although it may print them. In the interests of consistency, the Foundation reserves the right to challenge you to draw against the laws of the language one chooses. Thus, you are allowed to claim foreign dress, for as long as you wish, but it is a non-transferable expense. For all that, please have your work approved for the Twenty-Nine Nations State Scene, or upload it

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