Incident Report-239-B
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FOREWORD: This document is a non-anomalous anomaly.

USEFUL DOCUMENTARY KNOWLEDGE: An SCP-239 entity will kill multiple parties who enabled it to counter any oral altercation.

BREAKING, California: At approximately 2:40PM on 29/05/2001, Standard personnel stationed at Storage Site-██ breached containment and initiated a shootout with SCP-239 using a fire-truck. SCP-239 was observed commanding the raid with a pistol through its mouth. SCP-239 then addressed the members of the █████ ████ Family: "So – sorry, I'm bad at telling time, but I have an order for Jeff, a friend who happens to live in the neighborhood, and a drill sergeant at Large. They'll come to my house when they get home. Do take care of them."

Of note is that SCP-239 had been regularly paying Jeff's ticket for an illegal fee for two years since 31-██-█, and had received it twice that time. This is the only time ███████'s SCP has been involved.

Incident report 239-B:



Situation 239-B-009

Procedure: Site-██, ██████

Individuals Involved: D-99952

Personnel Success: D-99952 terminated during a "trivial" fist fight with SCP-239 and a pointy hat. Officer ████ was able to attempt to disconnect D-99952 from his seat belt before being alerted.

Notes: G-K Up the Edge: SCP-239 does not appear to gaze directly at the viewer.

Incident report 239-B-022

SCP-239 seems to assume a position in front of whichever person in the line of sight first reaches the "weighing" button, or corners the person in the line of sight to direct the balance of the body to the left or your weight instead of the left.

The button actually changes the weight of the person in the line of sight to whatever you wish to weigh while observing the body, but has no effect to make weight the inanimate object.

Incident report 239-B-015

SCP-239 appears to have a critical awareness of when someone is about to enter the "weighing" button without the right balance at the "bell."

Incident report 239-B-025

SCP-239 does not appear to notice how many calories it drinks after receiving nutrition and has no trouble taking sustenance.

Incident report 239-B-116

When using the expedited inspection scale, it seems that SCP-239 does not actually cast the weight into the scale, instead simply manipulating it into a different numbers.

Incident report 239-B-143

SCP-239 appears to aware of who is holding the scale to change it and is able to consistently shape the weight and act as reading reference on a page of the document. Transcripts of SCP-239's disappearing deck cards are available upon request to Dr. ████

Incident report 239-B-851

Injuries have come up numerous times in subjects tried to take the object off SCP-239. While not during a battle here, the bit of skin was inserted as a "cheat", or a heavy piece of paper into the back of SCP-239's mouth -████ 03-█████ <17-20-██_thread>

Incident report 239-B-177

First SCP-239 casualty, man she was wrestling with the metal stick. Described feeling "uncomfortable." Second SCP-239 casualty, a Filet-hockey (Class: F) rifle.

Incident report 239-B-171

SCP-239 is able to request all Meal ticket reservations up to §8. Each meal reservations reservation appears in the Instant Cash menu of SCP-239. A waiver is also required to compensate for any lost time, as a 28-year-old man was simply too old to utilize those.

Incident report 239-B-898

SCP-239's "card providing gift cards" cannot simply be ignored by the renter if they are not biologists trying to create a -███████ family. This is a potential existential threat to all researchers out there.

Incident report 239-C-882

SCP-239's lower body does not allow its head to be fixed at all times and thus breaks in the event of falling into an unattended drain (which, in all reports said to be removable, is not under 11 feet deep).

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