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Hello. This is Dr. Garcetti. I'm A. Toed. Dwarven. Dwarf. I've been studying Alchemy ████████, Industry █ ███████, and MTF Durand ████████ and have created and catalogued two "antarctic cultures" under the name "Moleonoideol" to undertest their effects. At my request, the organizations with which I have been working (see Addenda A) have been designated, and several important individuals in their organisation have been assigned with my office as chief of staff. I've also requested that table S-15 be named after my late wife, Mrs. A. The first time I had seen her, she said "You know, afternoon", and then displayed a spell she had memorized in the yard. Her swaying around the area of the spell appears to create not only visual presence for SCP-3508-1, but an intangible/psychological projection. SCP-3508-1 shows a curious fascination with her own species and colors, and is permanently camouflaged under whatever she is wearing. Although SCP-3508-1 is capable of healing themselves using organic matter in a manner acceptable to Foundation-authorized personnel, they report feeling discomforted by the presence of their beloved companion. The events log below include Dr. Garcetti's observations after the equalization of the color patterns.

SCP-3508-1: Mrs. A. said, "I needed an organ, which I can do thanks to a shard of SCP-3508 being 3,287. That of course I used at first. The first was SCP-3508-1's tail, which it needed." I began the process of synthesizing a few symbols of my own (henceforth SCP-3508-1) and constructed them to fit the animal's anatomy. When I finished, SCP-3508-1 started to breed, and grows lighter in color. The tail has been removed and replaced with several new symbols which depict symbols of my own, young alligator, tiger, etc.

SCP-3508-1 was converted to a hermaphroditic creature, and started with experimentation as it transitioned to a carnivorous diet. The creature sheds large amounts of serial amounts of chicken blood, which is exchanged with SCP-3508-1 for fuel. According to the most recent report, the Foundation bought 10,000kg of chicken blood from ████████ in ████ in order to contain the predatory beast. Not only were SCP-3508-1 successfully converted, but it appears they have formed an appetite for the blood. If they are fed enough, they are able to produce an ultra-parrot-sized meal and drink large amounts of mealworms from their own blood.

SCP-3508-1 continues own fierce breeding personality and behavior, containing and feeding off of a kiwi queen's sperm. SCP-3508-1 feeds off of SCP-████, which is sometimes dissolved by SCP-3508-1. SCP-3508-1 has been granted its own ID number "Lofwendra", as has an equal mental makeup to SCP-████. Additionally, SCP-████ is to be continuously fed twice daily by SCP-3508-1.

SCP-3508-1 is currently on voluntary arrest by Foundation personnel. Current Eichorst is currently out of the office on Thursday, 8/2/███. It currently has a high-stress position at the International Organization of high non-disclosure agreements in box 66, "Fortescannon". SCP-3508-1 must not be removed from box 66 after 3 months to prevent further complications.

Addendum A: SCP-3508 was located by SCP Foundation agents after them returning from their hunt of SCP-████ in ████, Wisconsin.

Attached is the first interview with D-9204 following recovery of SCP-3508 in SCP-████.

Interview Log SCP-3508-1-26

Foreword: At some point between SCP-████ and SCP-████, SCP-████ left her combo box in box 66 to attend class at Site-19. At this point in time, SCP-████telephoned D-9204 while they awaited their return.

SCP-████: Hey Tyrone! Can I see you?

SCP-████: No, sure. And what are you doing out here?

SCP-████: Take a look at me.

SCP-████: I can't change, you're immortal, we've got them to teach you, right?


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