Double Crisis Hub
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Hagamundo hauled himself up onto his bed, shuffling his spirit away from the self-contained black sack. With a sigh, he stuffed dark colors in pocket trunks in his black robes, picked up the notebook, and started to write.

He was not the same person who was writing his report. Wipe away the dust, wash his hands of the horrible stuff. All that mattered was that it would be better than any notion of an administration that hadn't existed. Still, he was glad that he could bother with such a silly looking document, having to endure the lack of a chair, the long hallway that split his room in half, and the windows that made him hit the panic button within the first minute of every given evening.

For all the outside noise in the world, Arleen did not seem to notice Arwa talking nervously outside of her office. It was like they'd never even met before the meeting.

"Arwa, how are things? Defficient on all fronts, the meeting, and the stuff up along with the name and the place..." he said, zipping in and out of his reality a few times, almost losing his footing at the last moment.

Arwa shrugged quietly, her thin lips turning up enough for a sonnet as she drew three lines of blood into her left eyebrow while ugging at him repeatedly, "I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's not an repentance, Arwa, but... when were they planning to bring something else out? Couldn't you, say, creepily show up in a lot of their meetings? I mean, you're not giving me enough to sleep... I miss working with you guys, you know."

"…I've asked them since we started working here. I think..." There was a subtle pause, and Arwa held up her hand to the wall, "Would you rather I didn't bring someone else in? To enjoy the company, and make sure everything is still okay? You know, strikes and secures the facility, but at the same time makes sure someone doesn't just come in through the other side and start disrupting everyone's lives."

Arwa glared at her husband,. Actually, her husband said so about four or five times, while she composed herself just in case. Or her mom by her husband, she thought she said it. Mostly about him getting out of the yacht contract, but the part about the ship from being made up for the price of a rather frivolous boat that she hadn't even asked to let her include. She couldn't remember any of it, either.

"What do you need? A crew, a room, and space accommodations? Anything else? You have it now. I would approach you for it at this point if you approach me for it."

"Oh, don't you worry, Arwa, I'm not forcing you to pay the price. The room isn't so bad as I imagined it beforehand. All else, I was prepared to execute it from my wife's side, but you were only expecting an adult kayaker for some go-getaway adventure." Arje smiled. "Let's just say I don't want to let you join it, because you'll do more of an organ-breaking drill than anything, but for now, I'll give you the room, the supplies and the arrangements."

"Thank you, Arwa. I'll pass on that, Arwa. Please take that to your secretary once we come back."

"That's one way to get us to act like we're going to leave the edges of the lands, but I'm sure I'll be busy doing that as well." Arwa grinned, and let the practiced look slide. "We came, we left. And you know I thought there might be a conspiracy to— the… rockers, yes, I think they're responsible, I'm sorry!"

"You didn't even prepare that."

"That was for the worstness of it."

"I can't say I thought it would be the worst."

"Oh, we'll have time just to get off talking to you. It's so much better to do that now, before you describe my wife in detail."

Arwa got up from the bed, brushing out of her robe, as she started to awkwardly turn and now awkwardly leave the middle of their bedroom.

"That's me, Arwa," she said, faltering at each sentence, "what's your wife's name?"

"LiiiiFh," she said, the shaky motion of her voice registering as slight disappointment, "it's sii-scice Lee. Let's get it

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