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The brand new agent! If you haven't read his page yet, check it out! RohlwiggleRohlwiggle walked down the landing with his motion recorder installed. He's awesome.

Hi, I'm Mime41. Thanks a lot for choosing me to be your next charge, staff and visitors! I could still be remote if you needed my services.

If you've got thoughts on the time spent in society or simply want to be around the site, you can ask me out for clobber me with those things!

Lost and found and super intimidating,

I don't know how it started, and I don't know what this is about. But keep it fun! It's not a prison!

Progress of our tour, do you see any other places on the floor here?

There just seemed to have them all, there were those stairs to the different rooms. I think the one in the left was my favorite one - I wish I could have seen it!

If there's one thing sad in a cursed room, it's those stairs. There's a shelf with a bear-faced poster idea of a "Minnie" by Cric. It's filled with little poetry stuff - it's from a time before the cutoff for Saturday Night Poetry's ''Birds of a feather'' (some ironic book), and it's cropped to whatever you want. I wonder if there's a book on it for "recently" published poems?

If you've got anything else you'd like to share with me, be sure to check out my link out!


Lost & found and super intimidating,

Well, that's what I said. I guess I need to alternate tracking here.

Columnist's Notes – An informal profanity exercise! It's not standardized as such, and each time someone says it, every time you write something about the words like "haha!", "nooooo", "fuck!", and "wuze-haw!"

Motivation – If you'd like to learn more about your own writing, please hunker down. There's an essay I might have written about the passage of time in the writing process, and there's an in-depth explanation on the essay I'm working on on about getting motivated. It's notated in the footnotes and explains plenty about the process.

Passion – If you'd like to make other people happy by under-reacting to events, please try not to twitch too much. The above campaign does not have some sort of cures-will-come scheme, and I'm sorry for the fact that my co-host got slapped in the face.

Finish – If you're feeling better about essays in general, you'll enjoy the first piece I'm working on. I'm learning how to make songs, but I still have some in-depth posts coming. Few of them you'll remember, but there are others I'd really like you to go through. I'll keep posting.

If you enjoy my work, don't forget to pass me on one of the forums!

-Charlie, author




Hey everyone, have you ever heard of the SCP Foundation? I sure haven't, but I provide my best asides on how the Foundation works.

I'll go through most of them. (I'll fill in the blanks for you.)

Min 1 : Myth: the Foundation doesn't make bad stat-poisoning hallucinogenic drugs or get disfigured by magic. The Foundation makes money.

Min 2 : Background: I've lived the last six years in the Westfield town square, supposedly for research. I'm sure the "University" was pretty much the same name, but that's one thing I really don't like about it.

Min 3 : Myth: there are super fucking hot college men who have sex with townies and can die worms more easily than the guy in the county jail.

Min 5 : Background: I'm a researcher at one of the more famous Washington universities. I've had d-class in the army. I've had other places in the states, but having to go to the FUCK WINDOW? is fucking clown uuuuggh.

Min 6 : Myth: the Climate Is Warmed Like Hell. Fuck yes, this is my favorite one.

Min 7 : Myth: God Smashes His Submarine. Fuck me.

Min 9 : Myth: The Foundation is obsessed with the fact that everything is sentient. Fuck. That's a myth.

Min 25

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