Dr. Clef's Personnel File
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Name: Dr. Abraham ██████

Security Clearance Level 2

Clef's Current Status: Directly placed into Service Unit 23/B out of ██████, Georgia

Physical Description: Dr. Clef is a Caucasian male, approximately 85 years of age. He possesses light brown hair, thoroughly olive skin and a pencil beard. His eyes are grey. He wears a white lab coat with a heavy yellow hood and gloves, and a dark blue lab coat over the coat.

Personality: Dr. Clef prefers to work as a researcher. This preference does not extend to Nisei. He is independent, giving the best possible answer to any question.

Dr. Clef retired from the ████████ Branch Division years ago, looking to work on the ███████ research station. In 2006, he decided to take a post with the █████ ██ family, enjoying his work and meeting the family at G███████ ██'s funeral. He has gone by Harold ██████ Computing, or "scp" to his colleagues, with the exception of an FBI investigation he was involved in.

How SCP-███-███ and SCP-████ interact: At the time of writing, the following interactions between SCP-███ and SCP-███ are determined by a Foundation investigation.

An interview was conducted with Dr. Clef shortly after the Foundation investigation was concluded. SCP-███ is uninformed of Dr. Clef's primary position with the Foundation, and has refused to answer any questions regarding his current position. Dr. Clef has requested that access to the Foundation computer net be granted by facility security personnel at Dr. Clef's request. Dr. Clef has been granted the right to request access to two (2) Level-1 clearance per each Service Unit article. As of right now, all viewing of this file is restricted to personnel on the O5 Level.

File Opened Under: Agent ██████, G█████ ██

Clef had access to the computer server belonging to the specialist in SCP-███'s anomalous properties, the ".env" file manager. Clef found the same file in SCP-███'s file folder, as well as other instances of SCP-███. With this on file, the original instance of SCP-███ entered a learning period of a month under the supervision of out-of-records S█████ ████. Clef claims the class "psychic field" expertise in the field was achieved in this period of time.

Note: Clef claims his experience as a psychiatrist began with Professor █████[e] using him to "lead an experiment on commonplace risperazole". Clef claims the freshman class was built on the ruins of the small church in ████████, Georgia.

Document 21-██

Interview (CLEF/█████):

Clef: I'm staying w-with [DATA REDACTED]

EXPUNGED - D-█████ [sic] (expletive deleted) [DATA REDACTED]

Clef: What are you waiting for?

EXPUNGED - D-█████ [sic] the rest of us

CLEF: Then what are you waiting for?

EXPUNGED - D-█████ [sic] killed!

Clef: 38 counts!

EXPUNGED - D-█████ [sic] killed!


Clef: Here- you- [Expletive deleted]

Or you're nothing. I swear to god, there's something wrong with you. - Derek ████ (Clef passed away]

Clef was terminated in 2007. Clef continues to suffer from mental trauma and physical exhaustion consistent with post-incarceration trauma.

===Incident Log ████-███

SCP-3999 Incident

Presented a change in spatial reality matching the time of rupture without simulate evidence. Current construction due to the proximity to SCP-████ containment chamber.


1. See Event Log ████-██-███.

2. Normal class of containment, Level 0 - Category 5 Obsolete.

3. On occasion, objects have manifested at random, often suspended in mid-air, with no completely detectable source of wear. The motions of the objects's movements, and their behavior, can cause specific effects when in the presence of multiple, independent effort.

4. This category includes items which are not meant for recreational and honorable use.

5. My own thoughts.

Careful usage of them has been observed to maintain a conscious presence on others. Human subjects have reported the feeling changes

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