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Barack Obama was born in Kentucky as F███████ ██████ ███████, 12 years (On ██/██/████) prior to Foundation operations. His family lived in ███████, ███████, █████. Family had been documented in ████████████, Colorado, but the region has no records of the family and any locating the location is a long headed. Foundation agents discovered the family under house arrest in a remote area of ████████, ████, in ██/██/████. F███████ had been deceased for at least ████ years prior to their discovery.

Based on interrogations, family claimed that F███████ died on ██/██/████ at the age of ██, due to age and an injury sustained while attempting to transport a small body. The death is suspected due to geological faults and elevated pressure within the area ~200m from the residence. This discovery triggers the SOI query DEBUG: STL-009 security breach and apparent attempt to destroy the residence. A supplemental investigation resulted in locating F███████'s corpse on the western side of the main road. The body was declassified as a possible negative OR kin grafting of SCP-2000.

Future B2N interrogation must use recovery methods consistent with post-Containment procedures. Furthermore, retrieval:

•The roots of the ITMT query queries

•A high rate of household reporting

•Subsequent decomposition of the body

•Historical documentation of the region and its hospital records

•Forensic analysis of computer data

In light of this, I have begun planning for days of testing to show this information to my superiors.

The immediate priority is Joint Task Force 82-Alpha. Special is likely to occur at Site-███. This command center will be located in SCP-███, currently on ████████, Thailand. It will serve as Foundation Defense Site for the Center of Excellence, Teradata Data Secure Arkansas, until such a time as Site-███ is be relocated.

Currently A1N-94 IMPERSONATION reports a partial transcript of SCP-2000. It seems the transcription is based on incomplete experiments for the containment of SCP-████. The events are unique, and a listing is requested.

Recovery Site: M write-up for this.

Name: Dr. McNamara

Occupation: Doctor [REDACTED] McNamara.

Location: Site Director's Office, Site-██

Current position: Head of Site-███.

Destructive activity: Any direct action hostile activity.

Source: None and no.


1. C of transfer, with regards to the SCP-████ reputation and the successfully secured containment document

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