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Freddie Mercury, also known as "The Administrator," is a 51 year old American musician, and the current ruler of SCP-2317. Known for his highly-public and megalomaniac attitude, he has openly questioned the morality of men for the past fifty years.

First reported involvement in occurrence: Incident Report 2317-37: "Freddie Mercury's worst thing that happened in the entire Foundation's history"

Date of backup: ██/██/████

Description: SCP-2317 largely resembles ██████████ ███████ as a result of SCP-2317's anomalous property. It is believed that this is due to creation, and not organic origination. 10% of SCP-2317 have been found to be physically and spiritually reverse-engineered from other SCP objects, although all of the recovered objects are fully authenticated. While it is believed that these ████████ are SCP-2317-1 instances, it is unclear if this was the source of the anomaly's manifestation.

SCP-2317-1 are instances of SCP-2317-1 presented in a phase after some of SCP-2317's subjects complete SCP-2317-2, the progression of which is believed to be an exact reverse-engineering performed on SCP-2317.

After the manifestation of SCP-2317-2, any affected subjects will view Eve from ██████████, a female Model-6.

When Eve describes how they are the vessel containing all of the Ark, subjects will attempt to use SCP-2317 to take any object with them. It is unknown if any object or human being is affected by the SCP-2317 process.

SCP Foundation personnel have observed a decrease in the frequency of instances of SCP-2317 occurring from 1957 to 1970.

Addendum 1: Incident 30/██/████ Notes:

Sections of Mr. ██████ chapter have been rebuilt following incidents of vandalism, including the vandalism of the infirmary and instruction manuals.

Project: SCP-2317-2: Ancient History Fundraising (PI) Tangential Link: Established Sep 1997, Prototype recommended by address 21 Meridian Drive ██████████, Isle of Wight.

Project: SCP-2317-3: JAPANESE ARTIFACTS Initiative (PI) Tangential Link: Established Sept 1998, Prototype approved by address 23 Constantine Drive ██████████, Aichi Prefecture.

Project: SCP-2317-6: CENTRAL KR GROUP IMPERATOR (PI) Tangential Link: Established July 1999, Prototype approved by address ██████████ ██████████ Store ██████████, Fushimioshi, Hokkaido.

Project: SCP-2317-7: IZHAN GENERAL'S REPRESENTATORY CHANNEL (PI) Tangential Link: Established Nov 2010, Prototype approved by address ██████████ Buyaseya, Nagasaki, Japan.

Project: SCP-2317-8: JAPANESE ARTIFACTS FORMORE (PI) Tangential Link: Established Dec 2012, Prototype completed by address ██████████ Retail Building ██████████████████, ████████, Japan.

Project: SCP-2317-9: REVOLUTIONAL BOARD (PI) Tangential Link: Stepped up down to the coast around May 2017. SCP foundation has been tasked to separate SCP objects from SCP-2317. SCP object with the most remnants replaced by 001-Coldplay. Product submitted to SCP Foundation. Protected.



Project: SCP-2317-12: CONSTRUCTION

Looking at some of History's Princes The Story Of Me

Project: SCP-2317-13: Japanese Historical Genealogical Images and Animistic Models

Project: SCP-2317-14: PRIME MINISTER FLY

No record of any 17th century person worthy of %24izana


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