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The Foundation is a global organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of knowledge, freedom of expression, and basic human rights. The Foundation is the international police force of the Commonwealth of Australian Indian and New Zealand (CAN), formed by the Commonwealth Government and Merdeka Corporation of Australia to ensure that information regarding the Commonwealth Government, or its agencies, is not made to the public.


From left to right: The Foundation has been a security warden for the Commonwealth of Australia since the Commonwealth came into existence. The Foundation began as the wheeling and dealing of opium, but has evolved into the purveyor of information and information security.



O5-1 is the highest authority humans have, and the most important person in the Foundation's line of work. O5-1 plays a defining role in the Foundation's mission or legacy: he is the one who makes the laws that affect everything that humans have.

O5-1 is the head of O5-2, who oversees their immediate families. He has the power to remove anything from all persons under his control, including himself.



E5-2's upper echelon ranks in a similar way to O5-1: he is the head of the military branch that groups O5-3, and he is the overseer of all that can be done in the Foundation's personnel circle.

E5-2 is the current O5-1, and holds a position held by the O5-1 that mainly concerns the protection of information security.


The core concept of the Foundation came from the work of Isaac Asimov in his short story, "The Foundation Blue Book", (1847) in which he described a world in which the 1951 Nislow-class "Euclid" scenario was still being played out.

The book included a list of simple rules of thumb for preventing information leakage, and an illustration of the dangers of falling for information compromise. However, the work went unnoticed until William James opened a 1954 copy of the book and revised his conceit to do so in a less harsh light.

The first outline of The Foundation Blue Book was laid out in 1959 in a fragment of the Dovercourt edition of the story as presented in the main text.

The Foundation Blue Book was eventually published as an official Foundation Magazine article in 1966, and as an In-universe tale in 1993 in the UK. The "Not a Lot of Details" storyline (a short story arc about a long-abandoned Soviet submarine that uses an anomalous weapon to escape its containment) was originally told in the guise of a lecture by Edgar Allan Poe in 1897. The final draft of this tale was copyrighted by Freeman.[1]




Director ████ S████

The header image has been taken directly from the original blank page from the original copy of the Dovercourt edition.

Those who would like to add their own heads of state in The Foundation Blue Book, but don't have the time may wish to simply copy and paste rather than visit a page SCP-682-3 manually.

An SCP Head Shot, by Dr Gears, outlines the writing style and concept of Agent Daniel Barnes and Agent Cassandra ███████ in the Foundation Blue Book.

The scriptwriting for all three stories is greatly facilitated by the sharp writing style of Keldarion's dialogue.


ALWAYS SELLPHONES TO A MISSIONHEAD is by Keldarion, written for SCP-076 by Dr Gears.

The title is originally presented as being written in the style of the Are We Cool Yet? lore, and the advantage of this format is that manifestations of SCP-076 do not follow a clear progression towards the end of the book. Instead, Bartholomew's plot arc builds towards a series of mechanical mass-dissection of SCP-056-1, who would return, ultimately, to the original point at which the Leaves Of The Storm were first read.

[ALWAYS SELLPHONES TO A MISSIONHEAD is the conclusion of SCP-076. Afterwards, the story changes to a

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