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The Foundation is a nonprofit international organization dedicated to the protection of knowledge and truth, and to promoting cooperation among humanity as a means to establish a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society. The Foundation organizes itself into these roles in order to maintain these ends. Individuals who wish to contribute to The Foundation may do so here. The main principles of The Foundation are listed in this way:

•The Foundation works with others to preserve public knowledge of knowledge about and the origin of reality.

•Members of the Foundation work to prevent the spread of knowledge about knowledge that may be used to harm other people.

•The Foundation tells the truth, in order to protect the world.

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation is forbidden to protect a single entity against another. Containment of multiple Keter-class entities is currently non-founded. Containment of an account of The Foundation's demise may be necessary if the entire account is true, in which case the account must be proven false, at the discretion of the O5 Council.

The Foundation has, since its initiation, been known to use Panopticon-level measures, such as cloning, to keep accurate records of itself, as well as using the deaths of various individuals to keep its identity concealed. Containment procedures have been altered to prevent this. The Foundation believes that its methods are necessary to prevent the spread of knowledge beyond its own borders.

The physical artifact recovered from the possession of SCP-3040-A is expected to have the location of Castle Verden erased from its physical material. The Foundation has constructed teams of six to collect and contain SCP-3040-A. See Addendum 3999-01 for more information.

Description: SCP-3040 refers to a human of Indian descent named "Dr. █████" named █████ █████. The spherical object, designated SCP-3040-1, was recovered in his possession at the time of its canonization. SCP-3040-1 is a piece of paper believed to be written by Dr. █████. It contains a list of eleven exceedingly difficult methods that Dr. █████ is said to use to contain other entities.

While Foundation research has indicated that SCP-3040-1 is a history textbook that Dr. █████ has been using following his death to prepare, it is unknown how he did the tedious works that form SCP-3040.

Addendum 3040-A:

Excerpted Interview-3040-01

Interviewees: SCP-3040-A, SCP-3040-2

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: The following interview is a summary of the results of this study. Any further questions as to the original purpose of SCP-3040 or Dr. █████'s method of containing them were not answered.

Dr. █████: Your work as a historiographer has been interesting.

SCP-3040-C: It is. The end of my life, my body of knowledge, has marked the end of my existence.

Dr. █████: Can you give me the actual text of that particular work that you cite? I don't mind if it's a bit on the long side.

SCP-3040-C: No.

Dr. █████: Thanks. Good. I'm afraid I don't have that information.

SCP-3040-C: No problem. You should know from the beginning that it is pointless to continue our conversation.

Dr. █████: So, we'll begin with the first work you mentioned.

SCP-3040-C: Yes.

Dr. █████: —That you wrote. Do you still feel the regret of creating The Treachery of Euclid or something like that?

SCP-3040-C: [pause] No.

Dr. █████: Not after ███ years of work?

SCP-3040-C: You won't believe me.

Dr. █████: You can't have it happen again.

SCP-3040-C: No. It will never happen again.

Dr. █████: And how are you going to escape God?

SCP-3040-C: Do you think you

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