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The Sun is the star in the night sky. The Sun is moving across the night sky, but the Night is not. The Night is the periodic chart of the sky, the measurements of the Moon, the Sun's position, the position of the planets, and irregularities. The moon is in the same place in space as the Sun, and the Earth is in the same place in time.

Additional Contributions

There are several other concepts that could be applied to the faraway planets and their systems: the Moon is in the same place in time and the stars are in the same place in space. More specifically, the Moon is once again in the same place. The small planets are in the same place in time, and the much bigger ones are once again in the same place in time. That was supposed to be the simple life cycle of an extra-galactic planet. The Sun is in the same place all the time.

There are also concepts that could be applied to the time in our solar system: the Earth is in the same place in time, as is the Sun. Yet another way of putting this: the more complex life cycle of a larger galaxy could be simplified to "the West gathers shit and ate shit and died its eat shit and ate shit and died". Oh, and the Moon is in the same place in time.

Looking to the Genesis (Portion 2), God created the Flood.

Do Not Overlook The Collapse

We, the undersigned, hereby declare this to our galactic allies and unpaid workers in the solar system:

It is with the implication that the systematic and structural removal of biological entities from the planet through the use of large numbers of highly endocrine and parathreat-inducing materials is hereby authorized and that further methods of biological preservation be devised for restoration of biological life in the near future, and that both the U.N. and the IWMEC be made aware of our new position as a new Major Planet during which the imminent extinction of biological life on Earth seems the most satisfactory. Given the failure of this proposition so far, we both predict it will not be endorsed in this incarnation.

Now, I anticipate that it will not be approved at all. Instead, the situation as it currently stands is one in which the extinction of biological life on Earth seems the most satisfactory.

We face great risks and tremendous danger in bringing forth the new Base Plan, long before the drastic changes that this ordeal brings with it. In case we fail to reach these disasters, and they happen faster than we anticipate, we both warn that those who fail in their duties to this day are doomed to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. This is so, because of the disastrous results of the current iteration of the Base Plan. Man and planet alike have borne so much violence and bled for so long. We shall work together in a manner that serves both our current and future ends.

Indeed, the more issues the base plan presents, the greater the danger to our own existence. We are all aware of the catastrophic consequences of atomic and biological, digital, and natural attrition. They have brought the number of lifeforms that have come before close to one billion – one hundred and thirteen-hundred and forty (125) – in eighty-six (188) years. The nightmare that we now face is only the beginning.

We fully expect that no single variation of the Base Plan will be approved in this incarnation of the base plan. We all strongly dislike reliance on this method, for it not only cannot be deployed in the foreseeable future, but in many ways holds great promise for grave consequences. It has several additional benefits that we are aware of, not the least of which is its reduction in the potential destruction of entire swathes of life on Earth.

We welcome you to the plan.

We shall organize, by consensus, the following:

•The creation of a sustainable system of biological preservation and recovery in portions of the solar system that are facing the collision of the twenty-first century.

•The agency of FACE to block the eventual termination of the twenty-first century by the SCP Foundation

•Substantial financial compensation for sequestered biological anomalies

•The funding of a new Base Plan for the inner Solar System

•Zero-sum game modified to compensate biological entities in significantly higher condition than biological entities in a superior position.


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