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The Sun is a huge, monstrous, and idiotly large, rocky island in the South Pacific. It is shaped like the American state of North Carolina, and is approximately 30 kilometers (25 miles) long by 70 kilometers (45 miles) wide. It is the third largest inhabited island in the world, only just behind Hawaii, and is 7,057 kilometers (5,291 miles) long by 2,048 kilometers (1,444 miles) wide. The sole reason it isn't the largest is that Alaska isn't in the same place. The Sun is inhabited by aliens. They're hideous and inhuman. The Sun then blocks the Earth from existence.

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From "The Sun is a ______ Universe" by DarkStuffDarkStuff, circa 2016


Foundation content from the manifestation of SCP-221-JP in 2003.

In the beginning, people lived on the plain of the oceans and the land was flat, nothing more. Then, the great waves came. They attacked and rammed with the strength of God's sword, tearing apart everything. They drove away the heavy ships and ships that passed by the east coast and the west coast, battering with the great rivers that tore between continents. They even sacked the cities, along with the temples and churches and military sites that built up around the plains and mountains.

And then, the moment the Red Tide came, humans stopped moving. They died. The world looked like a sandy island in the sea and oceans. Now it stands as a tarp around the lands, and its sea is still pouring through the cracks in the thick oil.

Far away, on the other side, small islands could be seen, with an edge to the land destroyed by an Evil God.

Elsewhere in the land, creatures and beasts wandered the Earth, waiting for whatever was coming, fearing the storm. They weren't afraid anymore. Even the monsters rode the waves, smoking with the smoke and muskets clattering against the stones. Even the ones that were inside the sleeping bags, the ones that had materialized from mutations made by the slow, cold-blooded death. They looked at each other, unnerved by what was coming their way.

Just outside the Ocean was a planet, four square miles (four hundred and eighty square kilometers) in size. Bodies of creatures with faces that were never seen before spread across its surface. They didn't know who they were or where they were from, just that uniformity in the shapes of things just being thrown back and forth in the waves. They continued to conquer, fornication, and death.

Only the ruins of the lab that was turned into a resort continued to rise. They dragged the bodies of lab rats back with them onto the surface of the tears that had formed in the ocean, along with the body of a sparrow, of a bird, of everything that was trading place.

The fire.

Everything was suddenly a fire. The floor was an inferno, and the waves were like a mighty city. The water flooded the cities and the beaches and the park, and the whole world was a nightmare. Everything was a fire.

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