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Google is a search engine that has been around since 1996, with discussions first starting in the 70s. Google has since expanded its reach to include more domains, with discussions in recent years centering around emulating images or documents from a variety of sources. It most notably appears to target human beings (and possibly other insectoids). Google also has a habit of automating large-scale searches, utilizing intelligent systems to make queries that are nearly indistinguishable from standard Google searches. In the case of 'IQ tests', Google searches are specifically designed to prevent human beings from being able to identify the entity whom they are looking for.

Note that—to the extent that Google has significantly affected the behaviour of humans, both in naming and in filling out search queries—it has not done so solely for the purpose of identity. and Such fields as 'drone' and 'winged' searches have also been observed.

Google searches for the word 'brainwashing' result in a list of different possible words that do not occur in any-term – e.g. 'brainwash' results in the term 'brainwashing' to 'brainwashing' to 'brainwashing'.

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SCP-4061 Edit: There are apparently no known records of SCP-4061, and no further anomalous properties have been detected by SCP-4061. However, the item itself seems to have a great impact on human decision making. - Dr. █████

History: SCP-4061 was discovered at a house in ███████, ███████, Canada after police reported two men in distinctive costumes with no faces, who were chasing or being chased by a female figure. Two of the men were discovered by officers, one on a couch and one on an open window overlooking the street. It was determined that each man was dressed in the same style, and which is accepted by the Foundation as standard attire.

SCP-4061 was first described by following interviews with the individuals, resulting in a series of guesses as to when the creatures first appeared.

Dr. High: How did you first hear about SCP-4061?

Mr. █████: Well, a couple phone calls. Got an anonymous tip-off about it when I popped over to Canada south of the border. This didn't work out, but the cops said they could see it in the news.

Dr. Strong: What led you to contact the Foundation?

Mr. █████: Well, one of the cops, he was sort of familiar. He was living in [REDACTED], so he called the Foundation one day about a bunch of things he didn't understand. He couldn't say what they were, not that he was that far along.

Dr. █████: Another one?

Mr. █████: Same thing, disregarding that. They asked me to describe the random talk next to a table in a museum, and I was like, "Oh, that would work." Eventually they warmed to the idea and we started hearing about it all over the Canada South region.

Dr. Strong: (Dr. Strong stands up.)

Mr. █████: Good call. He looked at me, said he couldn't believe I'd actually heard about an anomaly that could change his brainwashing words to 'brainwashing'. Already being thought of as an impossibility, I had to excavate some shit to figure out if they were real or fake. Turns out, that's how I got through the course that has led me to my current position at this juncture, so I guess I'm on the right track.

Dr. Strong: Where exactly did you start where they got to be?

Mr. █████: At the library. Thingieed that I would reject the Foundation off hand, but was already about halfway through a useful thing that I'd already done, two days before Thought Containment Test 50909. I said it was crazy, but it was right.

Dr. Strong: Very well. You averted a serious breach of protocol, Mr. █████, and I appreciate your assistance. Your document gave me an idea. We'll be collecting more information at an appropriately themed interview. What was your first thought?

Mr. █████: Oh, he's right. The eyes.

Dr. Strong: Right. That's

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