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London is a geographic area with an area of 2.77 million square kilometers, encompassing the entire globe, the District of London, and its suburbs. It is at the center of numerous other, less well-known, geographically-coordinated areas, including ███████, Denmark, and a municipal Serbian nameless town in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Locations Edit

The city of London is located in the Greater London Area (GBA), and can be reached by transit from many locations, including the City of London Underground, the London Overground, and even the nearby underground complex Copernicus Platz. However, the most notable discovery by the Foundation occurred in ████, Sweden, as SCP-1887-1 A, the SCP-1887-2 instance, was unearthed by an excavator. The excavation site is being mixed with other interactive sites, which are also being explored.

City limits for all features except for the Tower of London and the Small Heathsteps at the end of the Thames river were originally entombed in concrete. These houses were put together in 1891, and were originally part of the Small Heathstep Foundation. These properties were later excavated by the Foundation when they restored the original theme of the Small Heathsteps in May 2017.

Global Occult Coalition Assets Location and Information Security Division Epsilon-1 (GOCI) has arrested several individuals who were found within the cordoned area between SCP-1887 and Small Heathsteps.

Addendum [LOI-1887-2]: On ██/██/2019, basic procedures were updated to destroy objects in the protected enclosure with the use of nitro-pneumatic explosives. █ personnel were killed or wounded during this process.

Then, there had to be a couple bombs to blow up. And here was Stonehenge.

The normal procedure was never changed.

Incident Log .917-2:

Procedure: SCP-1887-1 is transported to Small Heathsteps and placed in a cardboard box filled with explosives which are then detonated. Associate Member of MTF Upsilon-8, E. Lusk was briefed regarding how the device would function and that SCP-1887-1 would be powered up and detonated once it was fully charged.

Foreword: The functionality of the device was originally never ascertained; however, it was proven by Foundation objects within the passage of time that any attack on Small Heathsteps would will obtain the equivalent of an axe to stave off death, and would consequently carry the equivalent of the metal counters of Stonehenge.

With this device it is now explicitly stated that such an attack would destroy the affected area.

Result: Once the device has been fully charged, it is capable of silencing all structures within the area.

Notes: This device appears to be a temporary fusillade, as it has no discernable effect after detonation. However, it does block out the sounds of a great deal of modern technology, such as large, disturbing noises.


(Event due to SCP-1887's inaction is scheduled for ██/██/2019.)

Parsa Pajo: Good morning, my colleagues. As it stands, you have defeated the Foundation, but you are still in a very dangerous place. I'm afraid I have to tell you, I've seen too many other containment failures, and I'm going to say it again, we have a containment breach. I know I'm not responsible for the loss of life, but we cannot remain in this containment until we know what motivates him. I couldn't even handle the copy. I think he died of fright.

(A second box of explosives that was detonated by associate Member of MTF Upsilon-8, E. Lusk is heard screaming in horror.)

E. Lusk: Fuck me, I was so high when you told me to blow up this thing! It's bulleted!

Clap: Don't make it worse. We're still here. It's almost all that remains.

(Event becomes hostile)

E. Lusk: Oh, god

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