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Philosophy is an old science term first coined by W.C. Randall in 1960. It refers to the science of logic and the techniques that scientists use to solve problems, or give up problems. Philosophers don't just write down rules and guidelines for how to do something, they write down the principles that lead to that something. For example, a golf ball:

A ball that you pull.

This was the first shot on the ball. The ball was shot in.

A ball in a straight line.

This was the second shot. The ball is headed back.

A ball passing an art car.

This was the last shot of a road trip.

This was how the art car made the last shot.

And that's how we could create art.

So the next person who sees your creation will first think of why you created it. A plot thicket likes to subvert that luck. "That last shot..." they'll think. "You died for this" or "Hey, maybe it's your #1 priority right now" or whatever. "Why did you create that last shot?" is standard fare.

Art is based around these questions. We (the SCP Foundation) are above that. Leaving that aside, how is art different from stories? Does art encapsulate some sort of truth about the world or something? Does art remind us of something we're afraid of in order to keep our civilization from crumbling apart? Can art tell us something better. Can art let us see things that might not be what we're taught to think about, in order to shape our own imagination into stories that tell us at least one thing of value.

Could you write an essay that covered one of these questions? A few points here and there, some questions in and answers after those.

I have some other questions and stories that I'm working on and would love to hear them.


Character is often important, but a lot of people don't take it as seriously as characters should. If you're new here to the site, and and you're looking for a conversation or text-based essay to read, I'd highly recommend you start with Getting Started. It's quick to write, has a lot of good advice about writing for a non-mainstream audience, and presents the basics of character development in a really informative and fun way. If you're not familiar with Getting Started yet, it's a very good and comprehensive essay that is highly recommended.


Once a character has a proper headcanon, they can have some fun making their own snots for the readers to say. Don't be afraid to tackle a dull snot in a cool way. At the end of the day, that's what it is: a boring boring boring boring snot who makes the readers laugh, and makes the audience wanna cry. You should also think of Characters: How to Write An Anime Character Guide, the Character Framework Guide, or the Best of the Site Taken Apart. It's a great set of instructions that will help you get the best story possible in your article.

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I mainly write about characters and stories with other people as well, so if you have a story idea that you'd like to tell me, please do write it and I'd love to hear it!

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How Are Old Dogs Breached?

This is a short and dirty answer, but if you have a story you'd like to tell me, please submit it in the conversation, by putting a tag-line in the comments and I'll be sure to answer it.

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