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Item #: SCP-100

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-100 is currently held in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-19, with SCP-100-A housed at Site-███.

SCP-100-A is to be monitored at all times. Personnel assigned to SCP-100 are to report any changes to SCP-100-A, in one of the first few reports provided to SCP-100-1, by no less than twenty five (20) minutes after such report. When asked to defend certain actions taken by SCP-100-A, SCP-100-B may respond by suggesting a different action, with no discretion given.

Description: SCP-100-1 is a Boston terrier belonging to the breed of "Doberman Collies". Generally, SCP-100-1 is made up of two (2) humanoids who react to physical stimuli to grant orders.

In rare cases, SCP-100-1 has been observed to speak to SCP-100-A in a dialect of English, in which the words "You can't believe it's illegal to carry a trip-case" are echoed in the language used.

A person(s) cannot be found who may have received orders from SCP-100-1. Individuals caught attempting to claim to have received orders from SCP-100-1 have been administered amnestics with the response's congruences provided to Foundation personnel given: they can explain the order they received, and they can describe what, if any, other orders, it received, even if no documentation exists.

As of ██/██/17██, it has been noted on several Internet sites that the "Doberman Collies" breed has been used in the Foundation for domesticated animals. It is suggested that the anomaly may be related to the anomalous stimulus or stimuli SCP-100-1 may have received from SCP-100-1.

Addendum: In the event that SCP-100-1 is deemed unfit for duty, SCP-100-1 has been "rescued" from containment, and placed on a "jockstrap" in Site-███, which it is currently interacting with under enhanced security measures. This move was made in order to avoid an accident, where SCP-100-1 may kill SCP-100-1 without need for personnel containment. No attempts to rescue SCP-100-1 have been made since then.

Addendum: Humanoids of the breed Doberman are already in containment.


Concealment of Doberman Collies in the Foundation

When the Doberman Collies program was put into operation, SCP-100-1 was given a new set of orders to make use of the help, or use the services of the humanoids, from SCP-100-1. As the program was complete, SCP-100-1 was found to be allergic to several different animals. This decision was made, because of the lack of interest in the project, and the future and continued use of the humanoids and canine containment procedures, should the need ever arise.


In order to force SCP-100-1 to relinquish the orders I gave to designate the humanoids, SCP-100-1 will have to be made aware that it has been given orders twice, out of a total of twelve (12) orders. As a result, it is not completely susceptible to developing allergies, along with having maintained an active intake of specific foods.

This current exhibit fails to understand the same concept as SCP-100-1. Due to the limitation of the humanoids, deemed unsuitable for use in the Foundation's interests, it is unaffected.


"Doberman Collies Collie"

Annoying? Yes, yes. Indeed, it is.

You're a Doberman Collie, and you're annoyed that your schedule has been working too slow lately.

Let there be a new Doberman Collie. Not only can you say you're a Doberman Collie, your 11-year-old son can call you a Doberman Collie! He's definitely not aware of the truth.


Annoying? Yes, yes, genuinely.

Recently, it's been noted that your order letter has been out of sync with the letter message received at your disposal, causing a new Doberman Collie to arrive.

There's a new Doberman collie waiting for you.


"Doberman Coll

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