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Item #: SCP-101

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-101 is to be placed in a standard anomalous item locker at Site-██.A.

Description: SCP-101 is a standard black Jello ball decorated with the logos and DC codes printed on the front. SCP-101 is light blue with a bright green-blue pattern. SCP-101 bottles are opaque to light, and are able to be used for the purposes of testing at the present time. Explanation of SCP-101 SCP-101 is identical to that of an ordinary Jello ball. SCP-101 does not wear a rubber band or any other adhesives.

SCP-101 will spontaneously combust if it is approached. Contents of SCP-101 are usually uninvolatile, and are non-hazardous due to the presence of human body fluids. Testing in a contained environment is currently possible only by personnel with at least a level 3 clearance.

If SCP-101 is handled, the flan shaped substance used in SCP-101 will dissolve the hand it is placed in. This is done without harm to anyone, while the fluid produced is not dangerous.

Addendum 101: Recovery

Video surveillance of SCP-101, courtesy of VideoLog101. The following log was taken from the video feed of Dr. ████████ during his last night at Site-██.



Dr. ████████: Command, we need your help!

A platform resembling a small vat appears behind Dr. ████████ from behind the podium of the containment cell.

Dr. ████████: I am here to question now, ask if you can get her out of here.

Command: We understand that she is unable to answer this question, but we are doing our best to find out if she can.

Dr. ████████: I am also here to tell you that she is not in the mood to answer that question, due to three reasons.

Command: You are not in the mood.

Dr. ████████: I am confused. Where are you going?

Command: They will always stay.

Dr. ████████: Huh… I think I know where he is. Is that right? Somewhere in the cafeteria.

Command: Please repeat that as accurately as you can.

Dr. ████████: Okay. Command, show me the photo on the door.

Dr. ████████: The photo?

Command: The photo.

Dr. ████████: Command, I need more information about this subject.

Dr. ████████: She has all the marks. I have all the scars. (Pauses) Pictures confirm she was the dreaded subject. She stuck close around that one, too.

Command: Correct. She did.

Dr. ████████: Command, please, repeat this. She did not know how to respond to those marks and the scars. But she would have known she wasn't that painless.

Commander █████: That is why she saved my life, then.

Dr. ████████: Yes. So she didn't have a forehead or eye shape to indicate self-preservation, but in order to do that, she had to be able to tell an individual to help her. She would have used that weapon in combat.

Command: Draw the knife.

Dr. ████████: I do not know how she managed to talk to me. But she did. She used the knife as a kind of communication device. The only thing I know about her now is that she was no idiot.

Commander █████: Please, repeat that as accurately as possible. She apparently used some sort of advanced signal terminal, and she got in the service line. It is unclear what she did next, but at some point she wanted to talk to you. Later, she used the phone to talk to you. You did not respond. You did not react. She used the phone again to talk to you, and again you did not respond. And she used the phone again to talk to you. And she used the phone twice to talk to you, and again you did not respond. The only thing we know for certain is that she killed you once.

Dr. ████████: What?

Commander █████: She could have told you otherwise, if she wanted to. It is currently unclear if she used the password you provided, or if she just changed it to "HaveYouSheDoneThis Before", since its unknown if she shared an actual password or just shared a personal secret.


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