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Item #: SCP-102

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-102-2 instances are to be stored in separate cells. Personnel attempting to remove SCP-102-2 instances are to watch for guards or protectors. After the instance has been removed, SCP-102-2 instances are to be monitored at all times lest they become hostile.

Description: SCP-102-2 instances are a variety of clones of a small cat found in western and northern regions of the world. Instances of SCP-102-2 appear to be identical to non-anomalous instances of the species, save for several differences.

SCP-102-2 instances all possess the same thing in common: "too awesome". Experiments have shown that the instances of SCP-102-2 are able to see and hear and smell the humans around them, and perceive them to be the recipients of various acts of kindness. Although all humans within a 30-square-meter radius of instances of SCP-102-2 have reported feeling able to be moved, or even be persuaded, SCP-102-2 instances rarely ever allow non-humans to enter its radius. However, SCP-102-2 instances have never threatened or harmed humans and any test subject who attempts to come within a 30-square-meter radius of one or more SCP-102-2 instances is.

SCP-102-2 instances are able to speak up to a third speech system, some of which is unknown. SCP-102-2 instances display non-violent tendencies toward humans, and have shown no interest in acquiring or killing those they perceive as objects. They are capable of copying sound and simple movements, even when drunk.

Addendum 02: SCP-102 and SCP-102-2 instances can be contained through the use of Class-C amnestics. At the present time, there is no indication of any non-anomalous instances of SCP-102-2 forming an alliance.

Addendum 03: D-152123 has been inserted into Site-███'s online database to verify the existence of SCP-102 and SCP-102-2, under the name "D-153123".

Instances of SCP-102-2 have not escaped their containment procedures as of this time. An instance of SCP-102-2 will be found within SCP-102-5's memory array, currently residing in the A█████'s collection. This instance of SCP-102-2 will continuously scan the A█████'s database, with the intention of finding SCP-102-2.

Closing Statement: D-153123's containment procedures have been revised. An instance of SCP-102-2 has begun to use the A█████'s database. D-153123 will be tasked with entering the desired password at the start of this section, and will be authorized to access the A█████'s database at the conclusion of the following and occurring SCP-102-2 instance's containment procedures.


1. D-5324 was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head, due to a containment breach.

2. This containment breach occurred on ██-██-████.

3. SCP-102-2-A is a collective term for five (5) D-class personnel, who are living in an SCP-102-2 instance.

4. D-5324 is the current holder of the required permission.

5. Site was known to the Foundation previously until the candidacy of Agent ████████ following Incident 02.

6. In order for an instance of SCP-102-2 to breach containment, minimum of two (2) non-anomalous human-shaped objects could be in SCP-102-2's vicinity.

7. D-5324, as documented in D-XX's Personnel File, had previously attempted to kill D-1545, who was currently identified as a D-class personnel.

8. "D-1545" is a D-class who was already in Foundation custody at the time of containment breach.

9. D-1545 is D-1545's supervisor.

10. D-1545 has never been seen using SCP-102.

11. D-1545's personal phone has been traced to the location where D-1545 works.

12. This is the longest recorded instance (see D-1545's Personnel File) to carry on a containment breach.

13. The majority of D-1545's personal possessions were injured in the containment breach, and D-1545 was assigned a temporary detachment with D-1345 for the following form of containment procedures.

14. D-1545 was also known to carry on an affair with another D-class, who was assigned to Foundation custody briefly for testing purposes.

15. The male of the species' genus

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