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Item #: SCP-103

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: For ease of containment, SCP-103 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell with a storage bin. Testing of SCP-103 must be approved by a living Level 2 researcher. Personnel attempting to access SCP-103's containment chamber must wear specially designed shielding of some kind. All experiments involving SCP-103 must be approved by at least one Level 3 researcher before being used for testing.

SCP-103 entered its containment chamber while visiting a local convenience store. Foundation computer systems are to periodically scan databases to prevent such an occurrence, subject to periodic proportionality analysis.

The containment chamber is to be treated with Class-A amnestics to minimize the probability of SCP-103's destruction. SCP-103's containment cell is to be topped with high-class terra-cotta plaster. Testing with SCP-103's containment chamber must be approved by a Level 2 researcher.

Description: SCP-103 is a human male measuring approximately 40cm in height. Its skin tone is a deep brown with light blue and green sheen, with a thick patch of grey covering almost the entire face. Its hair is white around the forehead and neck, and is patterned with a unicorn pattern on the back of the head. SCP-103 has no facial features besides two small hearts above and around the ears and nose, which allow for spontaneous heartbeat.

It is noted that SCP-103 possesses no visible physical sex or general gender, and individual instances of SCP-103 possess no facial or social gender. Subject's overall physical appearance is that of an adult human of average height, but not really anything other than a human's front limbs, spine, and arms.

SCP-103 is capable of vocalizing and speaking in a feminine voice. With no other vocal organs, its vocalizations can only be heard through a pair of human ears attached to its chest. It has been found that SCP-103 has a degree of hearing, as it can listen to or understand most of its own voice and the male human to the left of it.

When spoken to, SCP-103 will respond to the human on the right hand. When speaking to an infant, SCP-103 will speak with the child in a more respectful tone, and will tell him that he is speaking with his friends.

SCP-103 was secured in its containment cell on ██/██/████3 after the discovery of a 4km-wide drainage tunnel connecting two previously-inhabited farmhouses in ██████ County, Georgia. The excavation took roughly 80 hours. Campus surveillance reports indicate that the underground drainage tunnel connected the farms to the nearby ██ post office. Foundation databases indicate that SCP-103 has been in containment since its discovery.

Addendum 063-A: Containment (External)


SCP-103 was kept safe from random occurrence unless it was defended. Extensive recordings of SCP-103's individual personalities have been made available to Foundation agents in order to assist in monitoring SCP-103's containment failure.

Interview log 063-B:

Dr. O███: SCP-103

[SCP-103 enters a partially-open box, balancing on its back in a crouch pose.]

SCP-103: [opens the box] Hi. I'm going to bring your food first with the good stuff and then your shoes. You see I don't really have anything in my pockets, but I'll have to carry some stuff with me perhaps? I'll have to talk to the stations for that, but for now I can give you a note saying you need to get me a proper seat. I'll ask you to be careful with the chairs, but I won't take any chances. I'll be back in five minutes.

Dr. O███: You've left the sign in.

SCP-103: I thought you were going to be nice and leave it in there, though. I know you've got a lot of time for that sort of thing, but if you ask me after a little while I'll know you were right. You'll have to wait until my return, then. Bye!

Dr. O███: I'll see you another day, SCP-103.

Interviewer: Good to hear. Since you've already left the sign in it is likely SCP-103 will leave our containment morgue. We'll get a code up to what it's safe to leave it in there, and when we do get a response. If you would like to take SCP-103 with you to whatever location you're to be in, I'll shoot you a yellow flag. That'll be enough for today. Will you be back in five minutes?

SCP-103: Yeah.

Dr. O███: Shortly. Thanks

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