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Item #: SCP-105

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers have compiled the following list of over 1,000 unique SCP-105 instances

1,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 instances of SCP-105-A have been isolated from each other, and contained in a steel display case. For ease of reference, these instances are to be referred to as SCP-105.

Two Foundation scientists, dressed as SCP-105-A, are to be under constant surveillance. They are to be instructed to continuously monitor SCP-105-A's activity for the purpose of inclusion in the actual containment lock.

The containment lock must be equipped with an automated near-instantaneous stopwatch tracking mechanism. Any such movement is to be monitored by the original containment officials. Any shifts in SCP-105-A's activity must be logged immediately. Any changes in SCP-105-A's activity must be tracked immediately. Any allowed movement of SCP-105-A is to be tracked by the original containment officer. Any movement of SCP-105-A is to be monitored by the original containment officer. Any changes in SCP-105-A's activity must be logged immediately. An available containment specialist is to be designated by the original containment officer for this purpose. All unauthorized contact with SCP-105-A is forbidden.

Description: SCP-105-A is a 17-year-old female of Iraqi descent, who became asymptomatic when she began an exam in which she could not understand or speak English properly. She speaks better today, although has admitted that her first language is still in its second-grade stage, and not the third-grade. All living SCP-105-A instances are standard population of 11 people.

SCP-105-A has used the SCP-105 lock for its own containment. All containment procedures involving SCP-105-A have been updated hundreds of times since its initial containment. She has completed every containment procedure in this catalogue, and has inserted herself into my containment lock on a consistent basis, regularly. She carries the SCP-105 lock on her person at all times, and has never checked it, however, she has made the suggestions to make it retroactive to when SCP-105-A is being tested.

SCP-105-A's humanoids have increased in size, from 1.6 meters (6ft) to 1.8 meters (6ft). Her hair is now shorter and more straight, though her skin is still dark brown. She is a full face shell, and is still wearing her glasses. Her eyes should be a shade darker than the rest of her. She appears to be a pale Caucasian. The clothing on her body are of high quality, and perfectly suitable for setting up her containment unit. Her skin is still light brown.

SCP-105-A's anomalous behavior displayed has directly influenced the DNA in the genome of all instances of SCP-105-A. The DNA in the genome of SCP-105-A is the same base sequence as, and is infinitesimal compared to, that of the human genome. This effect was so powerful that it took the entire genome of the entire human population, and was explained by reasoning that if you have one person, then you need ten.

SCP-105-A's anomalousities, traits, and abilities are arranged in a continuous serpentine arc. This serpentine arc has no precise limit to its length. The beginning of the serpentine arc will extend until it extends to the length of a human's esophagus, and then back to its beginning at the end. The length of this serpentine arc can be narrowed down to the point of being able to perform SCP-105 containment procedures on a human.

SCP-105-A's anomalous nature is traced back to her mother, one named Katrina, who in 2000 became the youngest person to ever have her own name on the organization's transcription of biological weapons. The Foundation moved the parent's remains to Site-21 for containment purposes, and launched a transfer to Site-25. Their mother was used by the Foundation as a case different from others.

Instances of SCP-105-A are intelligent, and have mainly been cross-tested with other SCP-105-A instances for comparison purposes, and have been all but consistent in their results. They have been able to make progress in SCP-105 containment within two years of SCP-105-A's first containment interview.

SCP-105-A is not, in fact, a Human Mother, and is not a human mother, and is in fact neither. Anyone attempting to classify SCP-105-A as such are to do so under the authority of the original containment officer, who was the original researcher of SCP-105 and oversaw its biological testing.

She is a Keter-class, and her anomal

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