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Item #: SCP-106

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-106 is currently housed in a modified humanoid containment unit in Site-██. All personnel are to be under the direct observation of Level 5 containment authorities to ensure strict safe containment. In the event of containment breach, standard procedures are to be used and the individual responsible is currently being examined. SCP-106 must be provided special protective equipment to prevent deficiencies.

Incident Reports: SCP-106 has been implanted with rare cameras capable of recording its actions and the results of containment breaches. Following containment breach, SCP-106 is to be given special treatment as part of a standard investigation of containment breach. Under no circumstances is SCP-106 to be allowed to breach containment during any subjects of containment breach.

Description: SCP-106 is a human male in its late twenties. Subject's red hair and skin pigmentation match a standard human. SCP-106 also possesses marked light sensitivity. This sensitivity appears to be connected to the [REDACTED] pattern of DNA chemistry within its bloodstream. SCP-106 has been noted as having a ~0.2% DNA growth rate.

Physical and mental properties of SCP-106 differ drastically from a standard human. SCP-106 has demonstrated the ability to, by approximately 11:30, spontaneously manifest its anomalous properties. SCP-106 can also see and hear, speak, and act the same as a standard human of their age. Despite this, SCP-106 appears to have significantly poorer motor control and coordination.

SCP-106 is capable of perceiving and manipulating the physical world, geography, civilization, technology, the environment, and the universe. It can magically become a single-ton steel furnace in its bed and can fling a replica Topaz from its anus in a 36 degree angle direction. SCP-106 displays no qualms about causing the destruction of things in other timelines.

SCP-106 has also demonstrated the ability to manipulate people. If they have recently begun to consider or plan for expanding their history, or if they have already begun to sense or plan for becoming an instance of SCP-106, SCP-106 will spontaneously reappear. It will then proceed to delve deeply into a person's beliefs and beliefs, in order to change and alter behaviors in line with SCP-106's values. This manipulation is partially secondary to previous attempts to change SCP-106's personality, but SCP-106 is currently capable of removing and reshaping its emotions to reflect SCP-106’s values.

SCP-106's anomalous properties are not to be affected by outside forces.

Addendum 106-1: SCP-106's Routine Testing Log

Testing Log 106-1 - 05-13-20██

Test Purpose: Completion of SCP-106's procedures.

Test Notes: SCP-106's first scheduled operation. SCP-106 entered containment after a containment breach involving SCP-████. We confirmed SCP-106's effective range without using SCP-███.

Results: SCP-106 performed the following procedures for the purpose of containment breach.

•Used SCP-███ and SCP-███ to conduct the containment breach.

•Temporarily fixed SCP-███’s target time frame.

•Redefined the containment breach as a zero-day breach and started the process of implementing Procedure K-19.

SCP-106 initially conducted the procedure successfully. SCP-106 successfully fixed SCP-███’s target time frame as required. Following Procedure K-18, SCP-106 allowed SCP-███ to repair its imperfection. SCP-106 successfully activated Procedure Tau-7 within two minutes of Procedure K-18, at which point SCP-███ was instructed to activate SCP-███ and repeat the procedure.

Test Subject: SCP-███

Procedure: SCP-███ is instructed to set up containment breach in the ██████ Dream Spiel by following Procedure K-30.

Results: SCP-███ successfully rallies SCP-███ and begins to tend its own flower and plant. SCP-███’s reaction is calm and content. During a containment breach, SCP-███ will perform a multitude of tasks to form a new containment in the Dream Spiel. SCP-███ is instructed to follow Procedure K-29.

SCP-███ is instructed to install the Dream Spiel within ██ Cylinder 13. SCP-███ accepts the procedure.

Test Subject: SCP-███

Procedure: SCP-███ is instructed to repeat four containment breaches, each one requiring different containment procedures.

Results: SCP-███ successfully uses SCP-███ to reposition multiple mirrors on a restaurant roof. SCP-███ fades into a black hole of light and darkness within a minute of failure. SCP-███ is instructed to

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