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Item #: SCP-108

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-108 is to be contained within a locked safe at Site-██. It is to be kept in locked, dry storage at all times. SCP-108 is not to be transferred between surfaces outside of its safe compartment. No personnel are allowed to access SCP-108 without supervision.

Description: SCP-108 consists of a compact unit with an overall dimensions of approximately 5cm x 5cm x 3cm. The unit itself is, however, covered in a large number of lights, reticles and eye-pieces that can be seen across the functional area of the unit, as well as a number of different chevron-patterned patterns.

SCP-108 also contains a number of arrays of large-scale and often complex electrical devices that run at a very high frequency, with components visible in the white and yellow of the matrix's images. These devices include myriad self-replicating Whatner tubes, mechanical calculators and similar devices that allow the implementation of complex mathematical operations, a pocket-sized learning-computer system, an array of automatic neural networks capable of benefiting from stellar funding drawbacks, and a large number of portable, telepathic and telekinetic devices.

Within SCP-108 is a large mental health facility with the offices of Director Dr. ███████ and staff of Research and Development at site-██. The facility also houses a large number of other humanoid anomalous and anomalous applications.

SCP-108's original anomalous properties manifest when it is used in an overtly paranormal way. When used in such a manner, SCP-108's effect will play extremely strong in an attempt to influence the unnaturally optimistic character of the current reality. When used in an abnormal manner, SCP-108's effect is used to deactivate the effect, and the current reality is rendered null.

SCP-108 was discovered on ██/██/2009 after an instance of SCP-108 was found in ██, Florida. It was located in ████ of the United States after patching a faulty car in its backyard. Its anomalous effects were discovered when it was used in a manner that bypassed the Foundation's anomalous defense mechanisms, the entirety of the ████ containment cells, and the designated containment rooms.

A draft of an experiment involving SCP-108 is found below.

Experiment Log 108-01

Nature: [EXPLETIVE] Peace.

Foreword: For the purposes of this experiment, SCP-108 bears great resemblance to the Chinese philosopher/sorcerer 無yuan. He was listed on ██/██/19██ as a member of the Wu, a supergroup of physically powerful males.

Foreword: These experiments were conducted in order to determine if SCP-108's anomalous effects could be used more readily by ordinary people.

Experiment 108-01: D-89244 regarded his daily routine in terms of "what do I do tomorrow" rather than "how do I get up till nighttime". It was discovered that D-89244 would report having an unusually positive attitude towards the affairs of the earth, despite the fact that this attitude was often useless.

Experiment 108-02: SCP-108 was used to test how SCP-108's properties and functions are affected by the personality traits of the subject.

Former D-9244: I've never loved anyone. I've never loved anybody... I know I've never liked anyone. I've always loved my d-teacher, and I've always sincerely wanted for her to be able to see me. I just want her to be able to see that I've been able to live life in such a way that she can appreciate it.

D-9244 was instructed to relate an example of an SCP-108-effect, and had it be inserted directly into D-89244's head so it could be measured in inches. D-9244 was then instructed to force it into his head, and it was found that the effect manifested in his head in approximately 0.2% percent of the time.

Experiment 108-03: A testable SCP-108-effect was used in order to determine the effects of SCP-108's anomalous effects on the following, namely, the frequency of SCP-108's anomalous effects.

Duration: [EXPLETIVE] 0.3

Contents of effect: [EXPLETIVE] 2

From the words of the Great Sage I straighten my eyes and wipe them with the index finger.

Researcher Dr. ███████: The longest SCP-108-effect was used for this test, as it was stronger, and therefore more harmful.

Dr. ███████ took SCP-108 from her side pocket and inserted it directly into D-9244's head,

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