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Item #: SCP-117

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-117 must be stored in an airtight container of containment. Containment cells attached to airtight glass window clips are to be sealed within a 10m radius around SCP-117. All non-anomalous items, including walls and ceilings, should be cleaned weekly and any surfaces contaminated by animal feces and urine should be potted and waxed to remove on a regular basis. SCP-117 has been released to the control room, which is to be monitored remotely at all times.

Any individuals encountering SCP-117 are to be restrained in a low-threat containment unit with the option of termination. Should SCP-117 escape or be found to not be compliant and unable to comply with the above conditions, it is to be terminated with the use of appropriate tactics.

Description: SCP-117 is the mineral stone of choice among the agriculture elite. It is composed primarily of granite, the departmental chemical common to the Middle Nile. It is often used as a fertilizer, though the precise chemical composition is unknown. The essence of SCP-117 is unknown to science; it is to be referred to the possibly extraterrestrial realm.

SCP-117 is expanding slowly at a rate of approximately 2cm per week, repairing whatever damage has happening. This expansion is at the roughly ██-inch scale, but is accelerating faster. A large section of the desert is being mined in order to add a normal amount of ore to SCP-117. If this is successful, SCP-117 will have eventually reached the limit of the mine's activity, this process taking roughly ██ hours. SCP-117 will not reach the limit until 10 September of 20██. In order to avoid this happening, a permanent SCP-117 containment site will be created that will be open to the public at the beginning of every month.

The first known instance of SCP-117 was discovered during a project on the south coast of the United States. Following the excavation gear, ground was taken to a containment unit made specifically for this purpose. The entire containment unit will be designated Site-███.

SCP-117 had been discovered by a woman named Kaye Williams, a local college student. She had been ordered by her father to engineer a biplane to travel to Australia this year. However, the project had been delayed, and due to unknown reasons the project was put on hold.

The following interview was conducted on ██/██/20██.

Interviewed: Kaye Williams

Interviewer: Agent Philip Roque

Foreword: Jackie is a student at an agricultural college. She has been involved with a large-scale project on the Middle Nile for several years now, and might have known exactly what it was.

Agent Roque: Hey, I am Agent Roque. Will you be willing to talk to me about the project you have within the containment unit.

Kaye Williams: I am hoping not.

Agent Roque: I will be willing to discuss whatever surprises I have to offer you.

Kaye Williams: Please. Thank you for your time.

Agent Roque: It's been a pleasure, yes. It brings to mind the weather change in the south-west this year.

Kaye Williams: What? What?

Agent Roque: It just… it didn't seem right. Before, there was always this methane cloud over the Midwest. It's weird to say… the methane and that kind of stuff isn't so easily contained. If you go to the mine, it's always a stink whey.

Kaye Williams: Keeps my breath sample fresh and sharp.

Agent Roque: Fudgies.

Chevron: [Yelling] I am kidding, right?

Agent Roque: Fudgies. How's that supposed to work?

Chevron: A good idea. Then you have a cause of the Gromols. God.

Agent Roque: Uh, no sir. You're assuming there's a Gromols? God! This was when I was doing my engineering. Never a good idea.

Chevron: What are you saying?

Agent Roque: Well, I am saying… thinking about this, I know that I will always think of the Gromols as a good idea, but it will always be a "I'll never happen, see you later".

Agent Roque: Maybe you paused to think about that one, I know I did. There's a thing that I don't like. I wonder if I ever reminded myself why I don't like the Gromols? I don't know. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Agent Roque: I just — I don't know if I wanted

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