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Item #: SCP-118

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-118 is to be contained in the same cell as any other standard organ. Attempts to remove the organ has proven futile. Due to the relative rarity of SCP-118's anomalous effect, research is ongoing on potential ways to duplicate its anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-118 is a large, black plastic body resembling a human organ. Collected tissue of the organ is a dark brown color, with no obvious pattern or other pattern. The object's anomalous properties are now intact. SCP-118 is insensitive to light, and has thus been designated as Artifact.

Personnel working with SCP-118 are assigned a standard "singularity" test, before being exposed to any frequency of frequency-dependent variation in frequency.

Through careful observation and testing, the anomaly has been determined to be composed of a mix of varying frequencies of high-intensity electromagnetic radiation, superheated to pairs of centimeters in frequency. A portion of SCP-118 will connect to the singularity upon being exposed to a frequency. The remainder will remain disconnected. The singularity has yet to be detected.

The object takes no form of conscious thought or intelligence, and is instead basically composed of random, scattered, and overlapping organic components in the form of an organ. In the short term, this appears to be neutralized by the anomalies within itself. That being said, the anomalous aspects of SCP-118's functionality is not entirely neutralized, as the singularity from which SCP-118 emerges should be considered the brain of the organ.

The anomaly seems to be composed of a thin layer of organic material, in the vicinity of sixteen amphorae. The organic component of SCP-118 has been demonstrated to differ from average organ material. The organic component, for example, contains a variety of bacteria, protists, fungi, and other organisms. Other organic components developed and performed along its path. The anomalous pattern is not entirely contained.

The anomalous pattern is extremely unstable, and can be generated by any frequency-dependent variation in the energy output of SCP-118. This can be used to create an artificial resonance in the material of SCP-118. This results in an infinite number of metallic stars at the end of a 23-meter radius.

In the short term, the resonance creates a resonance for a frequency of 60 Hz. This resonance is used to create an infinite number of resonance objects, each with a few relative frequencies of 0.2 Hz, while the net effect is a 60 Hz permanent resonance. This latter effect appears to be the result of its own self-neutralizing effect. During periods of SCP-118's anomalous behavior, the antenna of a Keter class object should be adjusted so that it aligns with the center of this permanent resonance.

During the creation of this permanent resonance object, SCP-118's anomalous properties can be used to create a new, permanent resonance object, as well as influence the existing objects in the field.

SCP-118's "singular" property is similar to a human organ, with the exception that it has the exact same functions, only to be extremely rare and unusual, and not comparable to other organs, individuals, or entities.

Addendum: Testing Log

Test Number: 1

Procedure: SCP-118 was placed in a 375mL ███-bottle of water. A child's mouse in SCP-118's containment chamber was placed in SCP-118's containment chamber for testing purposes.

Results: SCP-118's anomalous effect was noticed with the raising and lowering of the water level of the mouse's water-bottle. When SCP-118 was pointed to its containment chamber, the SCP-118-1 anomaly appeared. It was immediately attacked by ██████. It immediately retracted, and did not react to repeated attempts to remove it.

Test Number: 2

Procedure: SCP-118 was placed in a 5-mL ███-bottle of water.

Results: It was attacked by ██████. It immediately retracted, and did not react to repeated attempts to remove it.

Test Number: 3

Procedure: SCP-118 was placed in a 1-mL tester of water.

Results: It was attacked by ██████. It withdrew. It did not react to repeated attempts to remove it.

Test Number: 4

Procedure: SCP-118 was placed in a test tube or container of water.

Results: It sprang to life. It alerted the containment cell. It extended its arms and legs, and improved its swimming rate. It was attacked by ██████.

Test Number: 5

Procedure: SCP-118 was placed in a gas-lined test tank of water.

Results: After 6

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