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Item #: SCP-012

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Site-42 PDA is to be kept in a standard Safe-class containment locker. Any personnel pursuing SCP-012 are to be detained and returned to the realm of the Forbidden Arts.

Description: SCP-012 is a digital digital instructional device that is directly connected to a projector screen. The player connects the projector to the subject's retina through a series of steps, leading them to believe that the projector is a handheld human-shaped button that the author of the instruction manual is pressing. If the subject reasons that this is a common view of humanity and realizes that the button is made of a blue-tinted alloy, it requests that the computer program "Madden NFL 12." Instructions include the command "Madden NFL 12: Alabama vs. Georgia."

The simulated game is an actual game against the aforementioned Saban-Georgia State championship team. The players are instructed to run plays in a manner that is more or less identical to that of the standard NFL game, which is a standard 1-minute drill involving the movement of the ball and two or more players simultaneously attempting to throw a football. The offensive team will attempt to score a touchdown on the next play, whether through a team goal or an out. If the defensive team is able to stop the offense on their first possession, they will score a touchdown. The defensive team will have seven minutes to make sure that the ball does not get to the offense on third down.

If the offensive team is unable to stop the offense on their first possession, they will lose the ball to the defense at the end of the half, and the defense will have possession of the ball until its expiration.

Addendum SCP-012: 1: Testing Log

Testing Log SCP-012-01


D-34 was instructed to play the upcoming game and rested for forty-one minutes. His name is Alex Gray, and he is a D-class personnel of the Research Team for SCP-012.


[01:00] D-34: Can I play?

[02:00] D-34: Sure! Give me a?

[02:15] D-34: What's your name?

[02:30] D-34: I'm Alex.

[02:40] D-34: How did you play this game?

[03:00] D-34: Run the play!

[03:15] D-34: How did the Falcons score on you?

[03:20] D-34: The defense held off the chains!

[03:30] D-34: I won!

[03:37] D-34: What did you see?

[03:45] D-34: [slightly] Brett Favre threw a football!

[03:50] D-34: What did the Redskins score on you?

[03:55] D-34: I do not see a receiver.

[03:60] D-34: How did the Redskins score on your team?

[03:65] D-34: I do not see a receiver.

[03:70] D-34: Did you see any players?

[03:72] D-34: No.

[03:75] D-34: [slightly] … no?

[03:76] D-34: … YOU DENIED.

[03:77] D-34: …–

[03:78] D-34: Do you see a player?

[03:80] D-34: No.

[03:81] D-34: [slightly] … how?

[03:82] D-34: How did you play this game?

[03:83] D-34: [slightly] … come on asshole.

[03:84] D-34: How did the Seahawks score on you?

[03:85] D-34: … came on.

[03:86] D-34: Who scored on you?

[03:87] D-34: [slightly] … [slurred].

[03:89] D-34: [slightly] When my teammate [slightly] … kicked the injured onto me?

[03:90] D-34: … I don't get it.

[03:91] D-34: [slightly] … what?

[03:92] D-34: … what?

[03:93] D-34: What?

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