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Item #: SCP-013

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-013, Site-16 is not currently believed to be feasible, as the ancient ruins of the city of Ch'al Choulam are otherwise inaccessible. In cases where a sufficient number of instances of SCP-013 have been successfully contained, Foundation personnel are to monitor the specimens housed at SCP-013 for changes in behavior or behaviour. If a change of behavior is detected, the specimen is to be re-contained.

Description: SCP-013 is a species of extraterrestrial and celestial bodies located on Earth.

SCP-013 are scaled stone statues, approximately 4.25 meters tall, located in the cities of South America, Angola, Chile, India, Egypt, and France. Individuals with the anomalous ability to travel across space and time and manipulate objects once removed, or to cause minor alterations to their surroundings, are referred to as SCP-013 instances. As seen through SCP-013 instances, individuals, objects, or interests generally exhibit anomalous properties from a distance. The anomaly on the individuals is one that travels from one area to another within a radius of a distance of ten meters. When a subject moves within thirty meters of SCP-013, their anomalous abilities will manifest.

Individuals who have reached the edge of SCP-013 will invariably proceed to use their anomalous abilities, regardless of whether or not the subject possesses the ability to do so. Researchers and researchers are better than able to detect and contain instances of SCP-013, as the effects of its effects are not contagious. The value of a subject's ability to move through space is determined by a variety of factors, including their height, weight, muscle mass, and hair length. Because of the subjugation of the ability to move through space by individuals with the ability, no individuals with the ability have been observed to create temporary structures, which are subsequently destroyed. Individuals with the ability will stop moving within fifty meters of SCP-013.

Foundation personnel have determined that SCP-013 instances completely erased the landscape of potentially habitable areas. The effects of SCP-013 are inexplicable, as individuals will not move from the edge of SCP-013. When individuals find or move from the edge of SCP-013, they will immediately lose their anomalous abilities. When all of their anomalous abilities are lost, they will experience a state of restlessness and distress followed by an attempted suicide.

One researcher is to be permanently stationed at SCP-013.

Description: SCP-013 instances are genetically identical to specimens of the Calcalane species. SCP-013 instances are the remains of native flora and fauna, which seemingly disappeared from flood damage caused by the Artefactum Calcaiva.

SCP-013 instances are unharmed by their intended victims, and may move through terrain in any manner. They detect objects and individuals more than ten meters away, even human beings. When fired upon, SCP-013 instances will be benevolent towards the user, regardless of the user's intentions. Personnel may use SCP-013 instances, however they will not harm the user.

The destruction effect of SCP-013 is exacerbated by the abnormal atmosphere surrounding the location it is placed, which causes those who step within the vicinity to experience extreme discomfort, ringing in the ears, and severe headaches. Combat testing has shown that the person in the position of shock and pain is, in fact, entirely anomalous, and is in fact half-drone, half-rock. Subject's sensory receptors are unable to detect objects that are ten meters from the location of SCP-013.

A full description of the objects and individuals that have been destroyed by SCP-013 has been available to researchers interested in its anomalous properties.

A detailed list of SCP-013 Targets is available to Foundation personnel.

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SCP-013 targets are specific individuals, described as "special specimens" and "a breed of creatures" by those who view them. Individuals are either attacked or forced to drop their SCP-013 instances.

SCP-013 Targets are highly aggressive, and treated with extreme force. AQAP generally fails to produce a death blow to SCP-013 instances, and must move its body in direct line to any object at a distance. It is impossible to utilize the toes of SCP-013, and the nasal area is generally not covered until on-site personnel advise the subject that those toes are too hot for the subject's weapon arm to touch. That force will be applied regardless of the distance, but only rarely will it be enough to trigger a trigger event.

While ████████, ██, ████ and ███ personnel are normal human

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