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Item #: SCP-120

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-120 is to be kept in a Secure Trans-Keter-class safe at Site-20. SCP-120 may be provided with recreational games, such as catching ducks by throwing along a red ball, and adult SCP-120-J, which can be used as a normal park-goer's toy.

SCP-120 required to be supervised at all times.

Description: SCP-120 is a normal green sports car, meaning that it is capable of driving, dooming its natural surroundings to the amusement of its owners. Its "owner" is a fake female human named "Tammie". The car is only operated by Tammie, and is in no way a registered or functioning replica of her. It is anomalously capable of mimicring any sounds and sounds other than road traffic for a period of approximately 1 minute, at which point, every speaker in the car will suddenly turn on and play the words "WHAT IS THIS?" simultaneously.

Since its disappearance in 2010, SCP-120 has exhibited no anomalous properties.

SCP-120 has also sprouted roots from its steering wheel, growing at a rate of approximately 1 meter per month. The surface of SCP-120's steering wheel is noticeably thinner than its base, due to the existence of structural "grafts" extending across the interior of the car. These grafts have not affected SCP-120's interior, or any impact on SCP-120's hull, nor any other co-shaped features in the vehicle's interior. It is unknown why SCP-120 has never been updated to a standard model, and no abnormal properties have been documented, while the drivers have reported that the vehicle, as it was the original model, is unofficially believed to be the same model as its owners.

Brief Interview Notes:

Interviewed: SCP-120

Interviewer: Dr Dia Imhadi

Dr Imhadi: Hello, Tammie.

Tammie: Hi. Anything.

Dr Imhadi: You were on vacation with your family, and you were preparing to go on vacation over the Easter weekend, and you scheduled to drive to Disneyland, and then you accidentally bought a toy car instead.

Tammie: I had to bring an extra set of long-range speakers in case something happens.

Dr Imhadi: I wouldn't believe you. I don't know exactly what you did, just that teaching the car to drive itself was much more impractical than we thought, so we just, it was like this, but it turns on and it starts humming and the traffic is bad. The driver knows what's going on, and I just peered over my shoulder and said "hello" and she said "how do you do?" and she started smiling.

Tammie: Now, it's a little confusing, seeing a fake narrator you built yourself.

Dr Imhadi: Don't worry, I was able to figure it out. You'll remember this session. The driver doesn't really have any control over it. Kind of like what I said, there's no control over it.

Tammie: How do you think they feel about this car?

Dr Imhadi: They think that it's irritating. The drivers think it's annoying. It's still their opinion, but they all have varying levels of annoyance.

Tammie: I agree. The drivers say that I should have known, so I don't blame you for seeking help.

Dr Imhadi: Well, none of us do. We could have suggested you start driving more than you did. When she spots a car, she'll find a drive-in. When she finds this car, she'll point it towards Disneyland so it's near her.

Tammie: I was thinking of visiting Disneyland after I owned this Ford Taurus. I definitely would have loved the Museum of Vehicles. I love museum cars.

Dr Imhadi: I'm sorry to say that the Museum of Vehicles has been closed down for renovations. Despite the fact that the car doesn't have any problems with its driving abilities, they think it would be problematic to keep the museum closed on holiday, so we think that the car would be the safest place in the park to drive it.

Tammie: Why can't the museum have a drive-in, then?

Dr Imhadi: Well, I would be more than happy if I could have an open drive-in, which is always a possibility….

Tammie: Let's not try and get another car. Are you sure?

Dr Imhadi: I think the Museum of Vehicles is right. I've never seen it open before, and I've heard my coworkers

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