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Item #: SCP-121

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-121 is kept in a standard secured Foundation storage locker at Site-██. SCP-121 is a standard operating table, with blank spaces for standard operating procedures. SCP-121 is to be moved rarely, with all personnel assigned to SCP-121's containment cell due to their duty of installation.

When Foundation field agents src the table, they are to use the word "check" to indicate the table is safe to continue.

Note: Do not make modifications to SCP-121's containment cell unless authorized by at least one Level 2 researcher.

Description: SCP-121 is a standard standard operating table that provides the standard functionalities of the Foundation's research and containment equipment. It is, however, capable of directing SCP-121's creators to include blank spaces in its containment cell to allow for easier access to standard operating procedures.

Change in SCP-121's containment cell's contents by any means that alters its contents becomes a lockdown. If brief contact is made with SCP-121's containment cell, it will immediately clear away all safe tokens. This process requires a minimum of two hours, at which point containment cell is to be turned off to allow for end-of-line research.

Within this time, SCP-121 will initiate a process called "banning". Once all of the procedure remains unchanged, SCP-121 will trigger a lockdown, which will force all personnel assigned to SCP-121 to leave the area until at least 10 minutes have passed.

If at any point SCP-121 is prone to alter its containment cell, it is to be brought into containment and research personnel are to facilitate it.

SCP-121 has only ever been observed making this process three times: once when repeated experiments were observed, in which it modified its containment cell's contents, and once when repeated experiments were observed.

SCP-121 does not have an actual creator, as all scientists and scientists-at-large work well together. Research personnel are to find SCP-121's containment cell frequently, as it is the only chance of containment cells being inundated. If SCP-121 requests containment cell, Foundation researchers are to endeavor to find ways to contain SCP-121 at the earliest opportunity.

Addendum 121-1: SCP-121's current active containment cell

Actions required: Level 3 researcher

Access: Site-██

Modifications: SCP-121 is to be contained in a standard containment cell, with the following modifications:

•Since SCP-121 is largely unfeasible to control, additional requirements should be placed on it. Subsequent regard should be given to its garden.


•The containment cell should feature fixtures uniquely adapted to SCP-121's kind and size.

•The food supplies must be provided as an encore, as long as it has a glass plate on top of a stainless steel pot and another on top of a wooden pan.

Provisions are to be placed in order that will allow for SCP-121 permanent isolation, as well as an artificial intelligence in it.

The containment cell's purpose is to contain SCP-121, while also replenished with a quantity of glass samples, each weighing 10g in weight.

This includes glass and paper alloys in the form of paper, pencils, and toilet paper. These items are to be recycled, with paper-based items rejected. Non-refined toilet paper is to be used only as an additional source.

The containment cell should also include a chair, couch, and large wooden box. Its versatility is to be showcased in combat training as a means of carrying out what SCP-121 requires to accomplish, and training should be shared. The containment cell will play a supporting role, having the ability to function as a means to do so.

Addendum 121-2: SCP-121's current anomalous containment cell

Actions required: Level 3 researcher

Access: Site-██

Modifications: Following the changes put in place, containment cell should be sealed in an automated system, with SCP-121's humanoid containment unit stationed above the level in which SCP-121 can freely access its various anomalies.

Purpose of the containment cell: for the purpose of testing SCP-121: to allow for the development of containment procedures for SCP-121, and the ongoing testing of these.

SCP-121 is to have one (1) Level 4 personnel and one (1) Level 5 personnel equipped as "standard Foundation personnel".

Purpose of "normal" containment cells: to contain unauthorized personnel to protect SCP-121.

SCP-121 is to have at its disposal an "artificial intelligence" capable of interpreting SCP-121's "manifestations" and generate codes to block, copy, and reverse any incoming messages sent to D-class personnel.

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