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Item #: SCP-122

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-122-A's containment chamber is to be under constant observation. All information regarding SCP-122-A is to be recorded on Secured SCP-122-A. The following information may be verified only by the authorized researcher:

•Person of interest: SCP-122-A

•Date of previous observation: ██/██/██

•Current observation: ██/██/██

•Current observation status: Empty

•Current effect: No anomalous abilities observed.

•Acceleration of progress: [REDACTED]

•Current power level: 611283

•Estimated current speed of SCP-122-A: █-147,000 km/hour

Description: SCP-122-A is a spherical walkway with more than 5,000 kilometers of length, approximately ██ feet wide. It is entered from the west side of the Interstate System and most notably, is navigable by landmarks and signs located in a single column. SCP-122-A contains two staircases and is roughly 3km in diameter, and appears to be made of mostly cork.

SCP-122-B is a circular one-way transportation facility approximately 30km across at its entrance. The interior and exterior of SCP-122-B are not visible through the walls nor through the floor. What is accessible through SCP-122-B is a west side street with no address, and a small old men's clothing store.


We'd like to welcome you, and all your fellow members of the Foundation, to the Use of a Class-IF Communication Device series video initiative, intended to increase awareness of the Foundation's requirements for communication with the public.

The video venture is a collaboration with the O5 Council, the Overseer Council, and the Foundation's Customer Relations Department. In addition, with the use of SCP-1273-L, cross-reference data on SCP-1273-B has been altered to show a known location of SCP-122-B in southern California. This new data has relieved bottlenecks as has been measured from the changes in SCP-1273-B's measurements.

As we, the O5 Council, have put through all the steps this video initiative has taken, we're convinced that there is still time to implement this plan. If so, I believe we can get into the use of SCP-1273-L.

That being said, we know the Foundation has have materialized out of thin air. We don't know if They've got everything that they need, but we know our partners have been here for a long time, and this is an early phase.

Thank you for joining us today to make use of SCP-1273-L. We'll keep you posted on any changes we make.





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