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Item #: SCP-123

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-123 is to be kept in a safe, a minimum of 3m x 1m x 1m, submersible within the Arctic Circle of the Arctic Sea. SCP-123's password is unknown at this time. No outside individuals or programming is to be allowed within SCP-123's immediate vicinity in the event that an anomalous event occurs.

SCP-123 is to remain in a standard containment chamber, equipped with a single standard 20mm Rubik's Cube. SCP-123 must be supplied with a 1:1 replica of its original enclosure. The cube must consist of components identical to the original enclosure, with the exception of:

•The 3-by-3 meter area of floor space.

•The 4 by 4 meter area on either side of SCP-123's containment unit.

•The entire area on SCP-123's containment unit floor.

•A 30cm by 30cm square of floor space.

•A 30cm by 30cm square of ceiling space.

•A 3 by 3 by 3 by 3 centimeters by 35cm room with 2 piece wood walls with strawberry-flavored reinforced marble floor and walls.

•SCP-123's containment unit.

Any outside individuals who come within 2 meters of SCP-123 in the event of an event occurring must be kept away from SCP-123 during this time and be otherwise shielded from view by a 1.5m high, ten meter wide wall. SCP-123 is to have a designated testing area, with the primary testing center designated SCP-123-A. Outpost-123-A is then to have SCP-123-A. In the event of SCP-123-A being damaged, SCP-123 is to be powered on and monitored until damage has been repaired.

SCP-123 is permitted to leave SCP-123-A at any time, provided it has been provided with an outside area, and is accompanied by a living human. Guided by Researcher ██████, Foundation personnel are to be on hand for SCP-123's scheduled termination at a suitable location, with leave granted to SCP-123 after termination.

Description: SCP-123 is a female humanoid of average height and weight of 180 kg. It is equipped with a standard Rubik's Cube, and is equipped with an oblong pocket watch, a job file, and a photo album. SCP-123's name is currently unknown.

SCP-123 is capable of producing a variety of anomalies in its containment chamber, including:

•Unilateral limb amputation of the upper-arms and lower legs, along with central and peripheral growth in the torso area, resulting in the ability to bend the torso through the body to remove parts of the arms, legs, and torso.

•Blunt and blunt surgery of the circulatory system through the abdominal cavity.

•Acceleration of the entire circulatory system, with the entire system operating at an accelerated rate.

•Acceleration of the heart, with the entire system operating at an accelerated rate.

•Merely microscopic scale changes in the one or two areas of the body.

•Growth of the brain tissue in excess of 50 microns in size, resulting in complete cortical, parietal and temporal lobe deformation.

•The ability to grow into the same length of flesh as the original target and/or an entire body at a rate of 200 grams per hour.

•Adjustment of the thorax and abdomen, with the effect of alienating the target's abilities.

•Vital signs of targeted individuals, such as heartbeat and respiratory rate, appearing patterned back to the original target.

According to understandings of SCP-123's programming, SCP-123's ability is integrated into every single event in the outside world, and is completely inactive except under the control of an operator. Each event is carried out throughout its containment unit, with the exact number, time and location of each event being determined by the number of individual events that have occurred.

During any instance of SCP-123's anomalous activity, a specific command is given to the point of effect by determining the order in which previously-occurring events are to take place. Any SCP-123 within range of the point of effect is to be prompted for the command in the event of an event — a common method to result in different commands for different events is documented below.

After a prompt, the "command" line appears on the top-left corner of SCP-123's screen, with hosts typically toward the bottom of the frame. The exact order in which the words are written is not known, but the "command" line appears after the prompt. The exact exact time the words are written varies, and is proportional to the number of words in the command.

The words are prefixed with Rapid (","),

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