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Item #: SCP-124

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-124 is currently contained in a standard containment chamber. For the purposes of research, the object is to be allowed access to the glass-lined test chamber. He will be allowed to interact with SCP-124.

Accessing SCP-124 requires approval from a Level 4 researcher. Within this permission should the researcher be given advance memory of SCP-124.

In the event that a Class-D is reassigned to the testing chamber, the transfer of the object to a different testing chamber should take place as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-124 is the collective designation for a set of three identical, permanent magnets that persistently increase in strength as the object is moved through the containment chamber. Each instance of SCP-124 is a small, opaque diamond cube with a sphere in its center by a standard weight scale. These spheres are solid and do not change shape or size as the object moves through the chamber.

Any object possessing an instance of SCP-124 will experience a sudden, pronounced ethane gas leakage when it is moved through the chamber, which results in a small electrocution when the object is moved to another test chamber.

The anomaly is caused by the creation of a massive numerical value in the generated ICRC document "Central Records Recovered". The resulting reaction appears a causality-defying psychological effect on the test subject, and is inescapably deadly.

The method for this is unknown. The cause of the anomaly is currently unknown. If test subject SCP-124 has access to the object, their killing reaction will transform into an existing reaction and the anomaly will not be corrected.

Individuals who witness SCP-124's death reaction without their explicit permission will experience the death reaction involuntarily within the test chamber and within the object itself. Such individuals invariably display symptoms of stress and anxiety. They may report the death reaction as terrible, unbearable pain and grief, with no understanding of any other cause for the death reaction.

Likely, an identical, permanent apparent reaction is generated when the object is moved through the containment chamber.

Symptoms of SCP-124's death reaction appear as features of the subject's personality, often appearing as a depression inducing fear, a manic feeling of weakness, manifesting in feelings that the object, and the test chamber, are damaged.

These symptoms are present in all test subject assigned to SCP-124 except for two:

•Ability to, with considerable mental effort, cope with the situation of death without harming the object (e.g. coping with fears and anxiety)

•Ability to understand the behaviour of the object, and avoid or reduce the consequences of it

All test subject has been ordered to view SCP-124, and discover which way it originates •See if he or she can relate to either or both of these individuals.

The object's properties manifest in two instances of SCP-124. Instances of SCP-1241 exist in the test chamber, and will tend to be permanently reinforced after death. Instances of SCP-1242 are a subset of SCP-124, and will continue to appear as objects when it returns to the containment chamber.

SCP-124 is not a vestige of any previous testing. All tests were only ever conducted on the objectives of SCP-124's research efforts.

Addendum 124-A: SCP-124's Death Reaction

Test Record

Location: Test Chamber

Date: 18/11/1992

Subject: D-1089

Overall Results: D-1089 was able to explain the situation with the object, and explain the actions he and D-1089 thought were necessary. D-1089 was found dead the next day.

Notes: D-1089 was found dead on the second day of testing. D-1089's suicide note had been found on the floor, alongside a note musing on what happened. Days later, D-1089's suicide note had been found alongside D-1089's suicide note.

Test Record (12/01/1994)

Subject D-1089

Location: Test Chamber

Date: 10/01/1994

Object: D-1089's suicide note

Executive Summary: Molecular Analysis of D-1089's suicide note uncovered a mass of references to SCP-124. This is the first test in which Subject D-1089 was in possession of the object. D-1089's suicide note was written in Portuguese; D-1089's suicide note was written in English. The final mass of references to SCP-124 is unknown.

Notes: SCP-124 is not a vestige of any previous testing. All tests were only ever conducted on the objectives of SCP-124's research efforts.

Test Record (12/03/1994)

Subject D-1089

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